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Bodypainting Day Goes Worldwide

Body painters and models in Central Park for first Bodypainting Day

Credit: John Ahearn
Body painters, models, photographers gather under the mighty oak trees in Cenral Park for the first Bodypainting Day on July 26, 2014.

What started as one artist fight for artistic expression and the desire to bring art to the people has turned into several days of international events to celebrate the beauty of body painting.

Only three years ago, New York based artist Andy Golub fought for the right to body paint models, even nude models, on the city streets of New York and won. After winning his fight Golub, together with a group of body painting artists, created the first Bodypainting Day in New York City.

The first Bodypainting Day occurred on July 26, 2014, a very hot summer day in New York City, at the entrance to New York City’s Central Park.

Under those mighty, majestic oak trees at the entrance to Central Park at Columbus Circle, a group of very talented body painting artists and models assembled.

Little did they realize it at the time, but just like the little acorn that sprouts into a might oak tree, Bodypainting Day would continue to grow.

As the public watched, the artists began the process of turning the models into living, breathing works of art under a shady tree lined canopy.

Body painting artist paining model under oak tree.

Credit: John Ahearn
Under the shade of a Oak tree, a body painting artist carefully painting his model.

Photographers looking to capture the event surrounded the group of artists and models.

The public was also becoming involved, with park goers and tourists alike edging closer to the artist and models to get a better look.

One of the goals of Bodypainting Day founder Andy Golub was to have the public see how body painting art was created and people were responding.

With smiles on their faces and cell phones held up high, both the natives and tourists alike were capturing the body painting process.

A video clips for gramma or a selfie or two with a lovely body painted model for their friends back home.

About mid-afternoon, the television news crews began to arrive.

Magee Hickey, a reporter for New York station WPIX actually spent the afternoon covering the event including a live feed during the evening news show.

Although there was a brief afternoon shower that could have proved disastrous for the body painted models, it to seem to past quickly by.

Body painting artist paining model under oak tree.

Credit: John Ahearn
Artist and Bodypainting Day founder Andy Golub being interviewed by WPIX reporter Magee Hickey.

Later in the afternoon, the models in their newly painted body art were ready for a march down Broadway in the heart of New York City's Theater District.

In a town noted for native New Yorkers ignoring everything, people were really reacting to the parade of body painted models.

The body painted models turned Broadway into a giant stage, utilizing the street as props for them to perform on.

One model had a pair of oversized, toonish Betty Boop eyes painted on top of her eyelids. Whenever she would close her eyelids, these big body painted eyes would appear.

As they marched down Broadway, the body painted models would take to scaffolding around buildings as a stage to perform pole dance movements, with models hanging and twirling around while the photographers and tourist alike took in the show.

Even a traffic light proved to be a effective platform for a body painted model to hang from, while performing dance poses with her legs.

One model had a face body painted onto her back by renowed body painting artist and Skin Wars judge Craig Tracy. The face would come alive whenever the model moved her arms or shoulders, up or down creating a dramatic animated look.

Body painter and Skin Wars judge Craig Tracy painted a giant face upon the model.

Credit: John Ahearn
Renowed body painter and Skin Wars judge Craig Tracy painted a giant face upon the model.

On July 9, 2016, the third annual Bodypainting Day was celebrated in New York City, with one hundred models of all shapes and sizes, men and woman alike being painted by a very talented group of body painting artists.

The event has expanded so much over the past three years that it takes over Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in New York City.

Again, the public was invited to witness how these very creative body painters turn the models into living works of art.

Last year, was the first year that Bodypainting Day ventures abroad with the first Bodypainting Day taking place in Amsterdam.

This year Bodypainting Day will return to Amsterdam on August 20, 2016, with over 30 men and women models gathering at Museumplein, home to the city's most famous museums, including Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum to be painted by body painting artists.

One week later on August 27, 2016 is the first Bodypainting Day in Brussels.

Bodypainting Day will then return to the USA with the final event of the year being held in San Francisco on October 23, 2016.

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