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Sexy Picture Body Painted Mermaids - Flamingos - Sea Creatures To

Julie Atlas Muz as Queen Mermaid and Mat Fraser as King Neptune
Credit: John Ahearn
Julie Atlas Muz as Queen Mermaid and Mat Fraser as King Neptune

As the rainy morning gave way to an overcast afternoon mermaids and other sea creatures arose from the long winter day to mark the beginning of summer on the boardwalk at Coney Island's 33rd Mermaid Parade

Presiding over this year’s Mermaid Parade was Mat Fraser @Mat_Fraser as King Neptune and Julie Atlas Muz @Julie_Atlas_Muz as Queen Mermaid.

Mat Fraser is a actor who has appeared in the FX television show “American Horror Story: Freak Show".

Joining him was his wife Julie Atlas Muz who is a well know burlesque artist, performance artist and actress.

She is also a well-known Mermaid having performed alongside live fish in a 9,000 gallon saltwater aquarium at the at the now-defunct New York City nightclub, The Coral Room.

Marni Halasa in a pink Flamingo costume
Credit: John Ahearn
Marni Halasa in a pink Flamingo costume.

Julie Atlas Muz also performed in Europe at Valencia Biennial were she swam alongside 450 fish, 2 sharks and 1 eel in Europe’s largest saltwater aquarium, El Mar Rojo.

Julie Atlas Muz mermaid abilities are so well know that she was retained to trained Kate Winslet for her mermaid scenes in John Turturo film “Romance and Cigarettes”.

Flamingos on Roller Blades

Brightening up an overcast Mermaid Parade with her own entourage of 4 bright, glimmering pink Flamingos was performance artist Marni Halasa @Marni Halasa.

Sporting waves of curly long flowing hair, toped with colorful royal lavender which transformed into layers of bright pink curly hair extending to her waist.

Marni Halasa wore a pink bra top adorned with goldfish, which provided a sexy frame for her cleavage.

Braless Mermaid with body painted ocean scene
Credit: John Ahearn
Braless Mermaid with body painted ocean scene.

Hanging from the bra were strands of pink and yellow beads that she used to shiner and shake.

She wore an ultra short mini skirt with pink gold tip tassels hanging down.

Utilizing ultra clean, environmentally friendly roller blades to glide her self-made costumed work of art down the boardwalk, she delighted the crowd with her warm and embellishing smile.

Marni Halasa has utilized her art to make people thing about their lives.

Whether banishing a whip for naughty banks that need a spanking to raising her knee high stiletto boots to make a point, she has proven that a sexy, creative artist can stand up to the big banks and become an warrior for environmental change.

Beautiful pussy cat mermaid with long blue hair and face paint
Credit: John Ahearn
Beautiful pussy cat mermaid with long blue hair and face paint.

Body Painted Mermids Brighten the Day

Sexy mermaids were taking to the boardwalk to display their artistic creativity often using their bare bodies as living canvases for a variety of seaside artwork.

One mermaid had turned her braless top into a body painted ocean scene complete with colorful swimming fish.

Other mermaids carried multicolor parasols to protect the mermaids from the summer sun.

Mermaids with long, flowing hair of pink, green, blond, red or blue took to the boardwalk.

As thousands of mermaids, and other sea creatures welcomed summer with bands, floats and many, hot and unusual costumes, we can only be thankful for another beautiful and colorful summer by the beach.

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