Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Body Painting - All Eyes On the Models - Part II

Body painted models check out Citi bikes

Credit: John Ahearn
Body painted models check out Citibikes.

Just as the body painted models began to pose for the group pictures, the skies turn dark and a light rain began to fall.

If there is anything more feared by a body painted model it is water, for water can turn elegant body paint into a flowing sea of dripping paint.

Fortunately, the rain lasted only for a half hour or so, and the model then proceeded to march from Central Park at Columbus Circle to Time Square.

If all the world is a stage, then these body painted models managed to use all the props to their advantage.

On the march to Times Square, the models stop to pose with artwork in the streets.

Body painted model strikes a photographer stopping pose
Credit: John Ahearn
Body painted model strikes a photographer stopping pose.

They use traffic lights and scaffolding, to display their creative dance poses.

As the body painted models passed by outdoor restaurants, the dinners and waiters would rush for their cell phone cameras to capture the models.

The models were treated to a barrage of smiles as they made there way down Broadway.

Two beautiful body painted models were checking out the Citibikes under the watchful eyes of the M&M guys.

Perhaps next year they will ride down the avenue on bikes.

The New York Body Painting Day was the brainchild of New York artist Andy Golub who was arrested in 2011 for painting a topless model in Time Square, even though it is legal for a woman to go bare chest in New York City.

Considering all the smiles and clicking cell phone cameras from tourists and residents alike, this could be an yearly event to rival the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio.

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