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Sexy Mermaids Take Over The Boardwalk

mermaid dressed as a flower garden

Credit: John Ahearn
A beautiful garden view from this lovely mermaid of summer.

With a cool breeze sweeping in from the ocean, under a beautiful blue sky, the Mermaids and other sea creatures took over the boardwalk in Coney Island for the 34th annual Mermaid Parade on Saturday, June 18.

The annual Mermaids Parade brings out the hottest and most unique talents from Brooklyn and New York artistic communities.

Actors, musicians, dancers, performing artists and even Burlesque queens create a spectacle as they all welcome in the summer season.

It was estimated that over half a million people viewed this year’s parade that had over 3,000 participates.

Braless mermaid twill her hula hoop as the NYPD look on.
Credit: John Ahearn
Braless mermaid twill her hula hoop as the NYPD look on.

Carlo Scissura, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, headed up this year’s parade as King Neptune and Hailey Clauson, Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model was this year’s Mermaid Queen.

This year’s fashionable mermaids were wearing lots of gold.

They were also donning colorful corsets embellished with rows and strands of beaded rhinestones.

Of course, with the sun beating down, there was a procession of mermaids carrying multi colored parasols.

Although long green hair is a tradition among mermaids, this year featured a cornucopia of colors from the brightest of pinks, royal purples, red heads and blue hair.

This year’s Mermaid Parade featured two live, walking, talking Mermaid Barbie in a box.

Mermaids were carrying more than there tails this year, with a group of mermaids wearing a fish bowl and a fish tank on top of their head.

The retro pinup look was also featured by many of this year’s Mermaids.

Mermaid and King Neptune jamming on the boardwalk
Credit: John Ahearn
Mermaid and King Neptune jamming on the boardwalk.

With a number of Mermaids sporting long, curly hair that was so popular in the 40s and 50s.

Also making a big comeback this year was the Hula Hoop with dancers hula hooping down the boardwalk.

One mermaid totally transformed herself into a living garden, with long flowing green hair, green lips and white flower pedals for eyes.

Her headdress contained very colorful collection of red, blue, white flowers, while a vivid red and yellow flower with faces covered her breasts.

The green, see through material of her dress was cover with an array of bright red, orange, white and yellow flowers.

Of course, you can also find love at the Mermaids Parade.

In fact, art director and costume-maker Chuck Varga meet Burlesque at the Beach founder Bambi at last years Mermaid Parade.

And at this year’s Mermaid Parade he presented her with a two-foot engagement ring.

Being a costumer, he created the gigantic engagement ring to present to Bambi at this year's Mermaid Parade and, of course, Bambi said yes to his proposal.

What better way to propose to some one you love and meet at the Mermaid Parade?

Yes, it’s true the Mermaids Parade does bring happy endings and happily ever after.

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