Monday, August 25, 2014

Body Painting - All Eyes On the Models - Part I

Model with body painted face on back
Credit: John Ahearn
Model with body painted face on her back.

In 1492 Columbus was credited with the discovery of America, and on Saturday July 26, 2014 New Yorkers and the world discovered the beautiful combination of art painted onto the naked bodies of models.

Perhaps it is only fitting that the Columbus entrance to New York City's Central Park anchored by the USS Maine National Monument with the white Museum of Arts & Design in the background served as the backdrop for the first New York City Body Painting Day.

Under partly cloudy skies, a group of 40 models and 30 plus body painting artist combined their collective talents to create 40 beautiful, living, breathings works of art.

All eyes were on the colorful eyes painted onto the models.

Model with big body painted eye lids
Credit: John Ahearn
Model with big body painted eye lids.

From the all seeing eye, to extra large eyes painted onto the models eyelids to haunting eyes embedded in a full face - eyes were one of the common theme of the body painted models..

One models back was transformed into a bluish white canvas, upon which a complete face was body painted.

The face was painted with extra large, beautiful haunting eyes, nose and large, open mouth.

The model's very pink red hair served as a perfect crown for this unique portrait.

As the model slowly raised both arms in unison from her hips to over her head, she animated the body painted face.

The face seemed to come alive as the model raised and lowered each shoulder in slow motion belly dancer moves.

As the model moved, the eyes grew wider and the mouth moves to the models body movements.

Quite a mesmerizing experience, indeed.

Body Painted model performs on chair petastel
Credit: John Ahearn
Body painted model use sidewalk seats to perform sexy dance moves.

Media coverage of the event was worldwide with both television, still photographers and crowds of mobile phone camera citizen journalists distributing pictures of the event to television, print and internet news sources throughout the world.

A Fox television cameraman was focuses on the riveting, large eyes that were painted on the closed eyelids of a red head, blue body painted model.

Eyes and faces were some of the themes embellished on the body painted models.

In addition to the two painted eyelid eyes, this model body painting sprouted more than eight additional eyes including a large all seeing eyes created out of her belly button.

Social Media was also a buzzed with pictures from the New York Body Painting Day with coverage on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter

After the models received the final touches of body paint, they assembled for a group picture prior to the marching down Broadway in New York City to Times Square.

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