Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sexy Booty Moves and Plunging Cleavage – Sexy Pirate Costume Arrgh

sexy lace pink skirt and skull bone panties pirate costume

Sexy booty shaking pirate costume hoist the booty colors high.

A sexy pink lace mini skirt provides just enough cover to hide your pirate booty.

Raise the skirt and show your true booty pirate colors with colorful red striped panties and back skull and bones.

Yes, the pirate look is a very sensuous and sexy look for Halloween or when you are in the partying or pirate mood.

Those sexy and romantic looks from the pirating days are just as hot and sexy today.

Just have to love those sexy peasant top worn by the bar maids or serving wench displaying their cleavage in a way that would stop any pirate in their tracks.

Also love those big, oversized hats that were part of the pirate look.

Yes, me lady wore a sexy oversized hat with layers of black see thru lace and bows and golden trim.

Sexy hunks will love the Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume.

Even the pirate captain wore those large, gold trim hats with lots of feathery plums.

Pirate wigs also added to the sexy pirate mix, with woman wearing long silver or gold hair with lots of braids or very sensuous waves of long flowing curly hair.

Pirate also wore their wealth on their clothing, which featured elegant brocade jeakets, and black velvet pants.

Even those sexy hunks will find a pirate look that will make them look oh so dashing.

Like the Captain Jack Sparrow look that you can transform into your own pirate look.

Or perhaps you or your favorite hunk prefers the elegant pirate look with burgundy velvet jacket, and detailed gold leaf embroidered design.

Whatever the look, the sexy pirate look is a great and very sensuous look for Halloween or that special costume party .

Arrgh – even a sexy plus size woman looks so hot and sexy in a pirate wench look.

Check out these sexy Pirate makeup video tutorials to create your own sexy Pirate look for Halloween or for a costume party.

Sexy Black and Red Pirate Smokey Eye Look with Plum Lipstick - makeup video tutorial.

Create a hot Black Widow spider cobweb look - howto makeup video tutorial.

Create a Davy Jones green pirate look how to video tutorial

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Booty Moves and Plunging Cleavage – Sexy Pirate Costume Arrgh.

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