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Sexy Picture – Dancers in Sexy Costumes

From those sexy Parisian Cancan dancers in hot colorful petticoats and stocking costumes, to the Flapper dancers of the Roaring 20s and the Flash Dancer of modern times, dance costumes have always been a hot, sexy item for Halloween or for a hot and sexy night out on the dance floor.

Sexy Flapper Dance Costume

During the Roaring 20s times were good and dance costumes were very hot and sexy.

What a sexy picture the dancers of this period created decked out in a flapper dance costumes.

The Flapper look was a daring look for the period, with woman sledding their tight corset look for very short mini dresses and stockings.

The waistline was lowered to the hip line and the new artificial silk – rayon was all the rage in stockings often held up with garter belts. The short skirts, bobbed hair, huge dark eyes especially kohl rimmed and full lips created with the newly invented lipstick in a metal container, as well as, compact mirrors and blush metal containers created the sexy flapper look.

The Roaring 20s were indeed a liberating time for woman, as they danced the night away to the sound of Jazz. Indeed, the Flapper dance costume is a sexy addition to your Halloween or party wardrobe.

Ooh la la – The Cancan

The cancan dancers were known for their high kicking steps and very colorful and sexy costumes.

The sexy moves of the Cancan dancers were captured in paintings by artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that featured the chorus line of Moulin Rouge dancers wearing costumes with long skirts, petticoats and black stockings.

Cancan dancers used their skirts and petticoats as a playful background for their black stockings, raising their skirts and petticoats with high kicks, jumps and provocative body movements.

The Cancan dancers of the Moulin Rouge were famous for bending over while raising their skirts and petticoats over their backs while displaying their colorfully clad booty to the audience.

So if you want to look naughty with a colorful and sexy look, the Cancan costume is just the right look for you.

The Flash Dancer Look

When can a plain gray sweater become a sexy dancer object?

Well, who can forget how Jennifer Beals turned a long gray sweater and a pair of leg warmers into a sexy dance outfit or the scene were she releases a bucket of water onto her arched dancer body.

Flash Dancer surely inspired a generation of dancers and the songs What a Feeling and Maniac still set our hearts a racing and our feet on fire.

The Flash Dancer costume another sexy dance outfit just right for Halloween.

For some more exciting dance moments and to ignite your creative energies, we have created a collection of inspiring dance video clips to set your feet a dancing, enjoy.

Flashdance - What a Feeling

Flashdance – She's a Maniac

Cancan at the Moulin Rouge

French Cancan - Patrick EVANS et les PatGirls

Flappers - 1920's Quickstep vs Charleston

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