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Hot Mermaids on the Boardwalk - Sexy Picture

Mermaids with green hair and breast tattoos
Credit: John Ahearn
Sexy mermaid with green hair and breast tattoos, while blue hair mermaid proclaims "Sandy Who We Survived You!"

There is no hotter sign to the long, hot summer season that the procession of sexy mermaids upon the boardwalk in Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY.

Yes our temperature rise as we gaze on the massive procession of mermaids and other sea creatures that fill the boardwalk in riveting and vibrant colors.

What a sexy picture indeed – beautiful hot mermaids sporting a cornucopia of long, flowing hairdos in vibrant green, deep blue, radiant pink, as well as, blonde, brunets and red heads parading through the streets of Coney Island and onto the boardwalk in this annual welcoming of summer.

Not even a super hurricane like Sandy, whose winds destroyed the Coney Island boardwalk last year and eroded the sandy beaches, could put a damper on the Mermaid Parade.

Retro Great Gasby fashion look guy and girl
Credit: John Ahearn
Right out of a scene from the Great Gatsby a woman in a black feathered hat, necklace and black tassel pasties with her gent in black shirt, white tie and stripe vest.

In fact, one of the motorized floats featured a mermaid with long, blue hair; that reflected the sunlight, holding a sign proclaiming – “Sandy Who? We Survived You!”

Another mermaid riding the float was completely bare except for a see thru fish net and strands of long green hair.

Not only were sexy mermaids celebrated in the Mermaid Parade, but colorful characters right out of a Great Gatsby setting took to the boardwalk.

One woman sporting a look from the Great Gatsby period was topless, except for a pair of tasseled black pasties. She wore a white wrap with long black cigarette holder, a sparkling necklace with matching tear earrings, with a little black hat and black netting.

Mermaids with green blond hair and breast tattoos
Credit: John Ahearn
Sexy mermaid with green and blonde hair and sexy metallic silver star breast tattoos.

While her gentleman friend wore a black shirt with white tie, a pin strip vest and a board brimmed white hat. Definitely, a hot retro fashion look as the photographer captured the sexy picture.

Yes truly a sexy picture – as sexy mermaids covered in glitter and sexy Breast Tattoos and barely anything else took over the boardwalk at Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Day Parade.

The 2013 Mermaid Parade was almost KO'd by Hurricane Sandy which destroyed much of the boardwalk.

However, the mermaids took to social media and even employed a crowd sourcing site to raise money for this years Mermaid Parade.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the largest artistic parade in the country with over 1,500 participating in this year Mermaid Parade.

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