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Vanessa Hudgens – Belly Ring and Sexy Dangling Bare Feet

Vanessa Hudgens upskirt
Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Vanessa Hudgens sexy black floral mini dress flyies in the air

Vanessa Hudgens created a sexy picture as her flowery black floral mini dress took flight on the hot air currents revealing her well-tanned legs to the delight of her adoring fans and local paparazzi.

She topped off her summery, bohemian look with a ponytail tied into a crowning knot atop her head and a pair of sunglasses to frame her face.

Hudgens was in Italy to promote her latest movie The Frozen Ground that will be released in the states on Friday, August 23, 2013.

During her visit to Italy, Hudgens did manage to free up some time to work on her golden summer tan. She was spotted on a yacht along with film director Eli Roth and Terry Gilliam.

Hudgens wore a very sexy black tied bikini, with a long, flowing double chained gold necklace that went around her neck, then down through her bikini cleavage to down below her hips.

Vanessa Hudgens bare feet and toes
Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Vanessa Hudgens wiggles her bare feet and toes in a sexy black string tied bikini.

She also wore a belly button ring.

Her long, curly black hair, recently dyed blond, added to her sultry appearance and created a very sexy picture indeed.

Vanessa Hudgens also had some time to practice her yoga positions.

She was captured by the local paparazzi as she raised her legs and wiggled her bare feet and toes.

She was also pictured in a very transcendental pose with her legs folded under her, with palms pressed together and her sunglasses hanging from her ears.

However, she seemed to really enjoy raising her legs and wiggling her bare feet and toes.

Vanessa Hudgens Metamorphosis in Spring Breakers

Vanessa Hudgens is undergoing a metamorphosis in her film career evolving from the teenage age idol in the Disney High School Musical to a sexy college student enjoying life on the wild side in the movie Spring Breakers, recently released on DVD.

Vanessa Hudgens black string bikini and belly ring
Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Vanessa Hudgens sexy picture in a black string tied bikini.

In fact, Hudgens appeared in her first nude and topless role in Spring Breakers in a three-way sex scene with co-stars Ashley Benson and James Franco.

The film is about four female college students who commit a robbery in order to finance their spring break trip to Florida.

The four female Spring Breakers include Vanessa Hudgens as Candy, Ashley Benson as Brit, Selena Gomez as Faith and Rachel Korine as Cotty.

Vanessa Hudgens a Prostitute in The Frozen Ground

In her most recent film role, Hudgens play that part of a prostitute in the new film The Frozen Ground.

Vanessa Hudgens play the part of Cindy a prostitute who helps a detective stop a serial killer who tried to hold her captive.

The Frozen Ground is based on a true story with Nicolas Cage playing the part of the Alaska State Trooper trying to bring the serial killer who preys on young women to justice.

In a promo video for her new reality show on E: Vanessa & Ashley co-staring Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa admits that the best part of researching her character Cindy was going to strip clubs. “I went to like a bunch of strip clubs, and got to like talk to a bunch of the strippers” admits Hudgens.

The Frozen Ground will open in theatres in the states on Friday, August 23, 2013.

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