Monday, September 29, 2014

Movies on Location – Rare Glimpse Behind the Scenes - Part I

model and makeup artist in makeup trailer
Credit: John Ahearn
Makeup artist and model in Hair and Makeup movie trailer.

If you path has ever crossed with a movie or television on location production shoot, you be amazed at the caravan of trucks and trailers that accompany the production.

On Sunday, 9/21/2014, a rare glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a on location production, was provided by NYOnLocation.

The newly gated backlot at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, New York was filled with all sorts of production trucks and vans – from monstrous 18 wheelers with long silvery trailers glistening in the sunlight, to vans and trucks of every size.

Although, you can obviously spot the food trucks that seem to accompany any movie or television on location productions, what goes on in those other trucks that filled the street between Kaufman Astoria Studio and the Museum of the Moving Image?

Wardrobe trailer provides the actresses clothing
Credit: John Ahearn
Wardrobe for the motion picture and even a washer dryer are contained in the wardrobe trailer.

Luxury Trailer Fit For A Star

For those of you who have wondered or may have fantasized about what it is like to be a star off set on a major motion picture location filming – well, the star certainly enjoy the star treatment.

Custom made trailers provides the stars with all the luxuries of home and them some.

From leather sofas, chairs and wide screen television to custom wood finish interiors, full kitchen area, refrigerator, microwave, shower, toilet and a king size bed.

A large, golden mirror surrounded by twelve glowing globs of light, provides the star with a private location for those hair and makeup retouches.

These extremely comfortable, elegant and luxurious star trailers are known as “triple pop-out” trailers, since they expand outward and upward on location to create space, yet compress for transport to the next location.

Indeed, these luxurious customized trailers on wheels are fit for a king or, more fittingly, for a movie star.

But this caravan of trailers also provides all the many amenities need for the people that support a on location movie shoot.

Future little stars check their makeup.
Credit: John Ahearn
Future little stars check their makeup.

Hair and Makeup to Go

The Hair and Makeup trailers provide the space for makeup artists and hair stylists to provide the actors and actresses with their unique look for the movie.

The Hair and Makeup trailers provide overhead daylight lighting, air conditioning, large mirrors surrounded by light, and, of course, comfortable seating for the actors, actresses and early access for the makeup artists and hair stylists to work.

Visitors to one of the 5 stations Hair and Makeup trucks were treated to a demonstration by a Makeup Artist or MUA as she transformed a model face into a beautiful canvas with large green eyelids and extended purple and blue highlighting.

Also on the backlot was a Wardrobe truck whose trailer provide a brightly lite space with double rows of clothing.

Each piece of clothing is marked and ready for the actresses to change into.

The wardrobe trailer even had its own washer and dryer.

Seems nothing is left to chance on a production shoot.

To be continued.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Movies on Location – Rare Glimpse Behind the Scenes - Part I?

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