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Sexy Costumes – Not Just for Halloween Anymore - Part II


Sexy schoolgirl outfit with lace skirt.

Sexy Schoolgirl Look

The sexy schoolgirl look is another hot and sexy look for Halloween or for role-play.

This sexy schoolgirl short ruffle or pleated skirt will frame and emphasize your sexy legs.

Bobbie stocks or stockings add a dramatically sensuous flare to the sexy schoolgirl outfit or add a pair of thighhigh stocking in opaque nylon material for a natural fit with the sexy schoolgirl look.

The sexy schoolgirl costumes come with a variety of tops including spandex crop top to really show off your glorious cleavage, front tie tops that go on and come off easily or white crop blouse with corset tied back or a sexy yet more conservative look.

Yes, the sexy schoolgirl costume is very hot looking for Halloween, but it also a great look for role-playing or for dancing the night away.

Indeed, the sexy schoolgirl look is not only a very sexy Halloween costume, but also a great addition to your partying wardrobe.

Most of these adult custom roll playing games can traced back to our childhood days when we used make believe to create our own childhood versions of role-playing, remembers cops and robbers?

Belly Dancer electric blue sleeveless, low cut, top with thin blue shoulder straps, electric blue layers of sequin gems

Sexy blue belly dancer costume.

Sexy Belly Dancer

One of the oldest costumes is the belly dancer costume.

In the Middle East, dancers used to perform in a harem.

These harem dancers would perform for the kings performing undulating movements with their hips and sinking to the floor with quivering thighs.

Belly dancers became popular in the United States at the Chicago World’s Fair were the uncorseted dancers were known for the shimmy and shakings movements and were nicknamed the Hootchy Kootchy or Hoochee Coochie dancers.

The belly dancers became very popular after Thomas Edison make several films of the dancers in the 1890s.

Today the belly dancer costume or harem costume are still considered to be some of the sexiest and seductive looks in costumes.

Today’s belly dancer costume lets you display your body in a very sexy and seductive way.

This belly dancer tops not only enhance your cleavage, but embellish it.

The blue, sleeveless, low cut top with thin blue shoulder straps, electric blue layers of sequin gems, and dangling strips of matching tassels supporting tapped, shiny, silver coins on an angle, peaking at the belly.

Matching bikini type bottom features extra long tassels that drape past the knees, but split just enough to taunt with flesh at any traditional wedding, ethnic theme, Halloween party, or that special dance for someone extraordinary.

Indeed, this marvelous and sexy belly dancer costume makes a very special addition to your Halloween or party wardrobe.

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