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Sexy Costumes – Not Just for Halloween Anymore - Part I

Seductive lace genie costume

Harem and Belly Dancer costumes - very sexy and hot look.

Yes, our favorite time of the year is fast approaching.

Time to transform our selves to into a hot, sexy creature of the night.

For Halloween night is a time when everyone can don a sexy costume and enjoy a wild and wonderful night.

But you don’t have to wait for Halloween night to enjoy getting dressed up in a sexy costume.

Since the 1990, Cosplay short for costume play has been growing phenomena throughout the world, especially in Asia.

The followers of the Cosplay movement have adopted costumes as part of their everyday outfits.

In fact, many of the outfits worn on the streets of Japan and Korea have been directly influenced by the Cosplay influence.

sexy police officer uniform

Sexy Police Woman - Arresting look for Halloween or for role playing.

In Asian cultures, cosplayers tend to portray manga, anime, comic book and cartoon characters, while in the states sci-fi and comic book characters are the favorite look for cosplayers.

Not only is cosplay on the rise throughout the world, but also more and more people are incorporating costumes into their partying outfits.

It not unusual to see a woman dressed as a belly dancer at parties or out clubbing.

In fact, with a growing revival of Burlesque in he US, the belly dancer look is a great way to show off your hot cleavage or booty moves.

There are many costumes from the Burlesque stag that have become popular in role-playing.

The sexy Nurse is both a hot look on the Burlesque stage and in role-playing.

After all, who best to raise your temperature than a vamp dressed in a sexy Nurse costume.

Black Red Private Nurse Sexy Costume

Sexy Nurse costume will surely raise everybody's temperature.

Another hot costume from the Burlesque stage is the sexy policewoman look that can be quite arresting.

The policewoman look also transfers into a perfect outfit for some alternative role-playing; just add a pair of handcuffs.

Another sexy role-playing look is the sexy catwoman leather cat suite, sexy on the screen or comics but also hot items in alternative role-playing – just add a whip.

Of course, one of the favorite costume looks is the Sexy School Girl look.

Woman especially love playing the role of daddy little girl whether in custom or not.

See some of the hot new looks in
Belly Dance Costumes, Cops Costumes and Nurse Costumes.

To be continued.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Costumes – Not Just for Halloween Anymore - Part I?

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