Friday, October 02, 2009

Lady Gaga Sexy Unveiling

Lady Gaga in a studded demin costume with shoulder pads Credit:
Lady Gaga booty rocking performance

Just when you thought that Lady Gaga would be totally hidden behind a costume a la the VMA, she breaks out of the mold again.

Performing live at the Dar Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, Lady Gaga displayed plenty of skin in some very sexy costumes.

With shoulder pads being so popular with designers this season, Lady Gaga wore a denim outfit with ballooning pointy tip crescent moon shaped shoulder pads.

Also atoning to the popular celebrity fashion and rock and roll culture themes, her costume was a glitter with silvery studs.

Lady Gaga gray ultra mini dress and fishnet pantyhose Credit:
Lady Gaga ultra mini and fishnet pantyhose

The top of her denim costume was corset shaped with ties in the back, exposing Lady Gaga power packing booty in fishnet pantyhose.

Completing this outfit were a pair of black studded knee high boots, tied tightly in the front.

Showing her love of fashion, her sets reminded us of those surreal Parisian fashion shows with the words Haus of Gaga and Candy Worhol being projected onto to floating, cloth screens during her performance a la the Parisian runway.

Lady Gaga also performed in a light gray outfit also with ballooning shoulder pads.

This ultra mini dress - sexy top - was worn with a pair of fishnet panty hose.

Well, we are glad to have Lady Gaga back - sexy costumes and all.

Also, enjoy some additional photographic coverage of Lady Gaga - Washington, DC performance.

What up next for Lady Gaga?

Well, she is slated to honored as a Rising Star at Billboard Women in Music event in New York City on Friday, October 2.

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