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Kim Cattrall Sexy Fashion in the City

Kim Cattrall sexy snake skin pants with see through fishnet, teased blond hair and red buckle shoes Credit:
Kim Cattrall sexy snake skin pants with see through fishnet, teased blond hair and red buckle shoes

For those of you who consider ripped and torn jeans a bit on the risque side of fashion, well, let us harp back to the 80s and the beginning of the Gothic fashion movement.

Individualism was the keynote and fishnet was the key.

Now, lets fast forward to today and the gothic inspired looks that appear in the filming of Sexy and The City 2.

Ah, just take a look at Kim Cattrall who plays the sexy PR mogul character Samantha Jones in the movie Sexy and The City 2, wearing a pair of tight fitting snake skin pants, with more than 6 inches of see through fishnet material running up the side of her leg from the ankle to the thigh.

Yes, the look is hot and sexy too, and uses that favorite Gothic material fishnet.

Kim Cattrall in a sexy little black dress with lots of cleavage showing Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Kim Cattrall demonstrates how to hail a taxi in a sexy black dress

Ah, and Cattrall's hair.

Not even Dolly Parton hair can match Cattrall highly teased hairdo.

And, of course, in this flashback scene from Sex and The City 2, those sexy women didn't have tiny I-pods or mp3 players but rather bulky good old tape music players.

Yes, costume designer Pat Field has created some very stunning looks for Cattrall.

From the see thru snakeskin pants, to the black and yellow pattern top and studded denim jean jacket, Kim Cattrall has a hot, sexy rocking gothic look.

Wow, just look at those red shiny ankle boots, with pencil point heels and toes and six rows of buckle straps on each boot. Hot, hot, hot.

Although we don't know the plot for Sexy and The City 2, we just love Cantrall very sexy costumes from the very punk look to that very sexy little black dress that really enhances her cleavage, just fab.

Her outfits can really stop traffic and it seems like she is always popping into, on to or in front of cars during her scenes in Sex and The City 2.

See more of Kim Cattrall in a black dress, fishnet jeans and on the set of Sex and The City 2.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Kim Cattrall Sexy Fashion in The City.

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