Thursday, August 27, 2009

Katy Perry Big, Sexy Stick

Katy Perry performs with her big cherry chap stick Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Katy Perry performs with her big cherry chap stick

Taking a giant leap on Lady GaGa disco stick, Katy Perry performed at the V Festival in Staffordshire, UK with a bulging, giant lickstick .

Yes, it's the dueling divas of music that are leading us to new heights in sexy, costume fashions as they try to out duel each other for the title of sexiest, hottest, most revealing outfits.

Katy Perry certainly knows how to please her fans.

Katy Perry in red glimmering hot pants and sexy sparkling white bra
Katy Perry in red glimmering hot pants and sexy sparkling white bra

The sexy singer with her retro, pin up hair style, glowing cherry lips certainly know how to move her audience.

At the V Festival in Staffordshire, UK over the weekend, Perry appeared in a very sexy sparkly red hot pants, a sexy white bra top with golden sparkles topped off with strawberries that enhanced her cleavage.

Closing her set, Perry told the audience she needed to see the most beautiful lady her in the audience.

She picked a beautiful blonde woman from the front row.

She asked the beautiful blonde woman if she brought her Cherry Chapstick with her. Minutes later, Katy Perry appeared on stage with a giant Cherry Chapstick as she performed her final number - I Kissed A Girl.

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Diva Show down at MTV Awards

There will certainly be a diva show down next month as the sexiest, singing divas take center stage at the MTV Music Video Awards in New York City.

Both leading singing divas Beyonce and Lady Gaga tied for nine MTA VMA Moonman nominations each.

Katy Perry in pink mini dress in her roof top garden
Katy Perry in pink mini skirt and tied top in her roof top garden

Also scheduled to appear are sexy divas Taylor Swift, Pink and Katy Perry.

With the Video Music Awards returning to New York City, after being hosted in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, MTV has created a special video tribute for the 2009 awards, based on the classics song Tonight from the Broadway musical West Side Story.

Katy Perry appears in a clip from the music video on a roof top garden with New York City building shinning in the background.

In another portion of the video, MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand asks will Pink and Katy kiss, they might, Tonight.

So mark your calendar for the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13, 2009 and watch the MVA Side Story video clip.

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