Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Celebrities Love Sexy Cutoff Jeans?

The heat is on.

Summertime in the northern hemisphere is in full swing and it's time to enjoy those summertime activities while staying cool but oh so sexy and hot.

What look could be a better look for the summertime, than a cool pair of cutoff jeans on a hot summer day?

Celebrities already know that cutoff jeans and ripped jeans shorts can keep you cool on a hot summer day, while turning up the temperature for the guys.

This is certainly the time to show off your well toned and tan legs and enjoy those warm summer breezes on your legs.

Fashion trend setting celebrity and designer Lindsay Lohan knows the sexy power of cut off jeans.

Whether Lohan is wearing a pair of expensive PRPS Ladies Cut Off Denim Shorts or a pair of moderately priced Black Orchid Black Star Denim Mini Shorts, she know the fashion value of a pair of hot shorts.

It's always a bit more sexy to have your jean shorts cut off slightly above the pocket for a more daring look.

Just add a pair of jean shorts to a low cut t-shirt and a pair of knee high boots or sandals to create a very sexy, yet cool summer outfit.

For those who crave a more classic look in shorts for the mall or the movies, Rory Beca Foxy Drawstring Shorts are just the ticket.

These plaid shorts look great with a low cut top and a pair of high heel sandals.

Sexy Summertime Sandals

Some of our favorite summertime sandals are the Ioannia monika brown open toe sandals with beaded embellishment. Just love, the red beaded embellishments and ornament design of these sandals. The red beads really draw attention to these remarkable sandals and complement your red painted toe nails. These sandals look great everywhere and go way with most of your summertime wardrobe.

Another favorite paid of sandals for the summertime are the Chandra Green Sandals. These open toe fabric sandals are light weight and beautifully embellished with decorative cutout details and sequin designs.

All these looks are sure to make the guys sizzle, while keeping you cool and sexy all summer long.

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