Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Celebrities Rip Their Pants - Oh My

Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson in Malibu on her birthday
Lindsay Lohan in ripped and torn jeans.

Use to be that celebrities clothing was indeed perfect in all details - new, maybe never worn before and just perfect for the red carpet or the shopping line.

Today celebrities are embracing a torn and ripped jeans look.

Years ago, a pair of celebrity ripped denim jeans would be cut into shorts or destined for the donation or rag pile.

Not any more, and not from just from the rock and roll celebrity set, but also from the teen to mature celebrity set.

Yes, ripped, torn and faded jeans have become a popular item for the celebrity set.

Rihanna running errands and shopping in NYC
Rihanna in torn jeans and a sexy corset bustier top.

Fashion setting celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, prefer a really torn jeans look.

Lohan is often seen shopping in faded jeans with torn knee and multi rips and tears on her jeans.

Singer Rihanna also embraces the torn jeans look.

She seems to prefer faded jeans with lots of tears couple with a corset bustier top which created a very sexy fashion statement.

Teen star Vanessa Hudgens has a preference for faded jeans ripped at the knee.

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen rocks a pair of ripped jeans while filming on set with Penn Padgley
Taylor Momsen on the set of the trendy Gossip Girl television show.

Even the fashion trend setting show Gossip Girl has been sweep up into the trend with Taylor Momsen appearing in a scene in faded, ripped jeans.

Naturally, publicity seeking reality star Heidi Pratt has incorporated the ripped jeans look into her photo ops.

This trend has not escaped fashion designers, Pencey, Dylan George Alexandra and J Brand are manufacturing faded, ripped and torn jeans for celebrities, celebrities wannabees and the fashion conscious too.

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