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Who has the Hottest Short Shorts - Alice or Miley

Miley Cyrus in faded distress short shorts Credit: Flynet Pictures
Miley Cyrus in faded distress short shorts

Ah. One of the hottest trends for this summer has been short shorts and distressed or worn denim.

From the states to the UK, and all around the world, celebrities and the common folk alike have embraced the distressed, torn, short, shorts denim look.

Although this trend probably peaked during the hot summer months, it will surely carry into the fall, as woman combine short shorts with knee high boots, thigh high boots or cowboy boots.

In the states, Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana

Miley Cyrus really loves shorts, especially the very faded looking almost white denim short shorts, as recently caught on camera.

Alice Dellal in dark short shorts and ripped fishnet pantyhose Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Alice Dellal punkish short shorts look

The short shorts are cut very high, well above the dangling inside pocket.

She paired her outfit with a white off the shoulder top and black vest with a lot of dangling frills.

Adding to the look, Cyrus wears a split double studded belt with single golden buckle.

Layers of necklaces and bracelets add to the look, which also includes an over sized black bag.

Over sized sunglasses add to her look, as well as studded cowboy boots.

Yes, we love Cyrus hot summer look, which could easily carry into the fall with some leggings or knee high or thigh high boots.

In the UK, Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal, UK model and socialite, also like the short shorts or hot pants look.

A rear view of Alice Dellal punkish short shorts look Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
A rear view of Alice Dellal punkish short shorts look

Dellal prefers a more mod or punk look, with dark short shorts set off with a studded silver belt.

She adorns each arm with a studded silver bracelet.

Dellal prefers a simple short sheave shirt cut at the midriff and a simple string black necklace.

Her rebellious punk look includes a pair of very ripped and torn fishnet pantyhose.

Unlike her contemporary from the states Miley, Alice preferred a pair of black with white tied boxer boots to support her outfit.

Dellal crowns her look with hair pulled tightly into a bun.

Short Shorts or Hot Pants

Whether you call them short shorts or hot pants, these trendy pieces of apparel should be popular well into the fall season.

Just couple a pair of sexy short shorts or hot pants with sexy, colorful fall leggings and those very sexy knee high boots, thigh high boots or cowboy boots for a very hot fall looks.

Be sure to visit the Miley Cyrus News page, for a glimpse of many more of Miley Cyrus sexy and unique outfits.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Who has the Hottest Short Shorts - Alice or Miley.

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