Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Halloween Shopping with Sexy Playmates

Sexy Nurse Halloween costume Credit: Flynet Pictures
Sexy Nurse Halloween costume

Halloween always means a big, sexy party at the Playboy mansion, just take a peak at last year giant pumpkin.

This year, the bunnies are out early shopping for that very special, sexy costume that will surely turn head in their direction.

So lets follow these sexy models Irina Voronina, former January 2001 playmate of the month, Brooke Taylor and Jesse Golden as they shop for that perfect, sexy Halloween costume.

Who wouldn't want a sexy nurse to help dose a raging fever?

Especially when that sexy nurse costume consists of a very low cut push up bra to enhance the nurse's cleavage, a pair of very high cut panties with elastic garter belt to keep her stocking up and tight.

Yes, a sexy nurse is just the right look for a romantic and healing Halloween night.

Or perhaps, the sexy little school girl or daddy little girl look is right look for you.

Credit: Flynet Pictures
Sexy Nurse Halloween costume

There was always something special about those pleated short schoolgirl skirts.

Just how they flew with the wind or were gently blown upward with the breeze.

Just a bit of mesmerizing skirt movement.

As for those sexy schoolgirl tops, well it time to graduate and proudly display your senior cleavage in a tight set top or cut off top.

Another hot Halloween costume idea is the French Maid look.

The French really know how to look sexy and hot, and the French Maid look is ooh la la.

What man can keep his eyes off a sexy French maid as she tidies up the room in her sexy black mini skirt and low cut, form-fitting top.

Yes, the guys' eyes will be on you, as you genteelly bend over to pickup something from the floor.

Maybe, a policewoman uniform would be just right for you.

You know that a woman or man in a uniform turns on a lot of people.

So perhaps the sexy look of a policewomen in short skirt and cut off top is a sexy Halloween look.

We are sure that any guy would like to be searched and padded down by a sexy policewoman.

Or if you are still undecided, just relax and watch more photos as these Playmates Try On Halloween Costumes.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Halloween Shopping with Sexy Playmates.


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