Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pamela Anderson - Too Sexy for Australian Television

Pamela Anderson silver swimsuit Credit: Flynet
Pamela Anderson shaking some booty at A*MUSE fashion show

Pamela Anderson my be kicking up her heels on Dancing With the Stars in the states, but down under in Australia a tv commercial staring Pamela Anderson was taken off the air because she is just too sexy.

Anderson is featured as a well dressed business woman conducting a meeting to keep her company on top on the net.

During her presentation, one of the male members at the meeting begins to nod off, while fantasizing about Anderson.

Suddenly, she emerges from her business suit in a bright golden, metallic bikini and is joined by her assistant also in a bikini.

This kind of reminded us of a domain company in the states that has also used sexy commercials to sell internet domains.

You may recall the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial staring Cadice Michelle, in which her bra strap broke in mid commercial or hot racing car driver Danica Patrick, who is also a Go Daddy girl and spokeswoman for the company.

It seems like ever year the company goes down to the wire, to see if its commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

Of course, all that free buzz and internet publicity can't hurt.

So perhaps the domain game is more sexy than geeky.

Take a look at the video clips below, and you can be the judge.

If you cannot see the videos and photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Pamela Anderson - Too Sexy for Australian Television.

Pamela Anderson commercial for Crazy Domains.

Go Daddy famous breaking strap Super Bowl ad staring Cadice Michelle.

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