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Hottest Super Bowl Commercials - Seductive Lingerie

What were the hottest Super Bowl ads?

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl
Faster than Light
The Strap Completes the Flight

Although the Super Bowl is over, the ads still live on.

Our vote for the hottest, sexiest ad has to go to for the strap commercial.

Our original story on last year GoDaddy ad being pulled after its first showing in last year's Super Bowl generated more chick throughs on the commercial than any other posting over the past 2 years and the number of click throughs on the commercial the day after this year's Super Bowl was more than triple Sexy Fashion Pictures one day click through rate.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl
GoDaddy girl Cadice Michelle
Strap begins it's Flight

In fact, according to a posting on Bob Parsons -, founder and President, blog Hot Points "On Super Bowl Sunday, visits to the Go Daddy website were up by 880,000 visitors more than normal. On the following day, Monday, visits continued to be strong and were also up by 910,000 visitors more than normal."

It was down to the wire on this year ad, as 13 versions of the ad were submitted and turned down by ABC. Just days before the Super Bowl, version 14 of the ad was finally accepted.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl
What a Flight

It's hard to tell whether the toned down version of the ad or the softness in filling ads slots in the Super Bowl, resulted in the showing of the ad.

The commercial was based on last year's ad who's second showing was pulled by FOX and again featured super busty GoDaddy spokes model Cadice Michelle.

Suspense begins as the GoDaddy girl Candice Michelle's ultra tight tank top strap begins to snap - one strand at a time. The action goes back and forth between the snapping strands and a government official. Sort of a High Noon showdown - as we count down the breaking strands of elastic and the government official - until the strap - pops.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl
Fierce Colors
Stockings by StockinGirl

In case you missed the Super Bowl commercial, you can view both the final accepted version and the internet only version on line.

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine Day


This sexy sheer, black long gown with soft lace bustier top is really hot.

I just love the lace and the see thru material in this long gown is extremely sexy.

This is really a very seductive outfit - very hot and sensuous.

The matching black g-string really rounds out this outfit.

Yummy, what a treat for Valentine Day or any other days when you want to be seductively naughty but nice.

I just love sexy lingerie for Valentine Day, or any other day.

Stay tuned for more reviews on the hottest Super Bowl commercials and the hottest fashion news.

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