Monday, February 15, 2010

Model Agyness Deyn – Falls for Sexy Shoes

Agyness Deyn falls in 7 inch high heel shoes Credit: Flynet Pictures
Model Agyness Deyn in 7 inch high heel shoes

Well, the economy is a bit tipsy, but with rising heights in woman shoe heels, being a bit tipsy on the catwalk can become a big concern for models.

Walking the catwalk in a towering 7 inch heels can really be a challenge.

Just try crossing one foot across the other in the typical fashion model walk and see how difficult the walk can be.

Than just add a pair of ultra high heel sexy shoes and try the catwalk routine again.

Kind of difficult keeping one's balance, no?

Agyness Deyn one shoe on Credit: Flynet Pictures
Model Agyness Deyn decides to go shoeless

During the Fashion for Relief fundraiser fashion show, 26 year old British model Agyness Deyn had a towering experience with a pair of sexy 7 inch Burberry platform shoes.

Halfway down the catwalk, Deyn fell in those towering shoes.

But being a very professional model, she was able to recover and rise again in those high heel shoes.

But a little bit further down the runway, she took a second tumble.

Although she attempted to put on the shoes again, she decided that it would be best to walk back down the catwalk barefoot.

Moral of this story: Sexy shoes are great, but be sure you can walk in them without falling.

If you cannot see the videos and photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Model Agyness Deyn – Falls for Sexy Shoes.

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