Monday, February 01, 2010

Pink Wet Spectacular at Grammy Awards

Singer Pink suspended above Grammy audience
Singer Pink suspended upside down and dripping wet sings her song Glitter in the Air

One of the most memorable performances of Grammy night was by singer Pink performing her song Glitter in the Air.

The number started out with Pink wearing a hoodie rob.

As she approached the audience, she removed the thin veil rob to reveal a revealing see thru body suite embellished in glitter and white strings.

She approach a part of the stage were three dancers were suspended upside down from a tri-star lift.

She reclined into a spandex harness and was raised up above the Grammy audience.

She was lowered into water and raised up again raining streams of water down upon the audience.

Singer Pink suspended above Grammy audience
Singer Pink rains water down upon the Grammy audience

Finishing the song, Pink twilled suspended from her legs sending streams of water flying from her hair.

Music, water and dancing can create some very compelling visual effects.

Just remember those scenes in Flash Dance were the dancer Alex played by Jennifer Beals tips over a bucket of water on her while she is performing a hot, sexy dance number.

The scene was so compelling and sexy, that singer Jennifer Lopez recreated the scene in her music video remake of the song What A Feeling in her (2003) music video I'm Glad.

And, who could forget Taylor Swift performance at the 2008 AMC awards.

As she took center stage, singing her hit song Should've Said No a rainy downpour occurred.

Swift looked breathtaking as she flung her golden lockets from side to side sending streams of water outward from her hair, against the bright back lite stage.

Yes, there are torch songs, but the wet and wild songs are visually the best.

If you cannot see the video and photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Pink Wet Spectacular at Grammy Awards.

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the song is called "Glitter in the air"

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