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Sexy Lingerie -Sonia Rykiel and H&M Hot Lingerie Show

Models on swings in the panties or knickers and push up bras Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Model swinging in their sexy underwear

Sexy lingerie is burning up the spotlight as two of hottest lingerie shows vie for the attention of holiday shoppers.

In the states, Victoria's Secret presented sexy pictures of models in the hottest new lingerie, garter belts or suspenders, panties or kickers and push up bras.

While in France, one of the hottest tickets was the fabulous lingerie collection from Sonia Rykiel and presented in partnership with H&M.

Model in lingerie and sexy multicolored leggings on bikes Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Model in lingerie and sexy multicolored leggings on bikes

H&M recently collaborated with designer Jimmy Choo to produce a limited, less costly collection of shoes and boots for H&M.

The collaboration was a resounding success, with the limited edition Jimmy Choo collection completely selling out.

Now they partnered with famous Parisian designer Sonia Rykiel on a sexy, lingerie collection that was presented at Palais Royal in Paris under a giant replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Model in lingerie on silk covered beds Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Model in lingerie on silk covered beds

Leading off the show was sexy redhead Lily Cole dressed in black lingerie - black pull up stocking, panties or knickers, and a very cleavage enhancing black push up bra.

Cole was perched high up on a float featuring a black horse head.

Kind of reminded us of Santa Claus arrive at the Macy day parade in New York.

Only instead of elf helpers, she had a slay load of sexy vixen in black pull up stockings, garter belts, black panties and black push up bras or for our UK readers - suspenders and knickers.

In fact, the show echoed one of the fashion trends we have been pointing out for some time, namely the reemergence of garter belts or suspenders and pull up stockings as items to be displayed and not covered up.

Putting the swing into the sexy event, another float featured models on swings, swinging in fifties inspired black bras and underwear.

Yep, models with long flowing hair were swinging in their black underwear or knickers creating a truly a sexy moment, don't you think?

Of course, models perched on a chandelier as it floated down the road kept us mesmerized.

Sexy models in hot lingerie performing on the chandelier - unique don't you think?

While other models relaxed on a float made of silk covers beds.

Yes, this show was a very special holiday treat and for those looking for a sexy lingerie gifts or perhaps, just rewarding themselves with a sexy holiday treat, the complete Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M collection will be available starting December 4, 2009 in 1,500 H&M stores worldwide and also at the Sonia Rykiel boutiques around the world.

If you cannot see the video clips, photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Lingerie -Sonia Rykiel and H&M Hot Lingerie Show.

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