Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marisa Miller Sexy Bikini Shoot

Stylist adjust Marisa Miller tied purple bikini bottom Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Stylist adjust Marisa Miller tied bikini bottom.

What better way to heat up a chilly fall day than a hot bikini photo shoot?

Actually, in the world of fashion, swimsuits and bikini fashions, the seasons due a 180 degree turn.

When it's snowing in the northern part of the world, photographers, models, stylists and editors are busy photographing next season bikini and swimsuit lines down south.

One of our favorite bikini and fitness models, Marisa Miller was busy last month modeling the new Victoria Secret's swimwear line under the hot sun in Barthelemy, France.

Marisa Miller blue bikini and tanned body against the white sand and waves. Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Marisa Miller blue bikini and tanned body against the white sand and waves.

A lot of preparation goes into creating an eye catching look in every shot.

The stylist has to carefully adjust Miller's bikini to ensure that the side tied bikini bottom fits and enhances Miller booty - plus looks sexy too.

Patterns, string tied bikinis in aqua, purple and darker colors seem to be popular in the upcoming Victoria Secret's collection and were featured during this photo shoot.

Marisa Miller is best know for her swimsuit and bikini modeling for Spots Illustrated and Victoria Secret's.

Marisa Miller tan bikini body in the surf. Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Marisa Miller tan bikini body.

According to her blog, Marisa Miller is having another fabulous year.

She recently shot a campaign for Victoria Secret's which included a hot and sexy scene in which she roasted hot dogs in just a bra and undies.

Plus, she tells us some of her favorite beeper moments from each shoot - boy she really loves her job.

For all of you who love a sexy retro fashion look, Miller recently did a campaign for Harley Davidson were she recreated some amazing 40's pin up girl looks.

Lots of vintage bathing suit looks including authentic bathing suits from that time period.

In the behind the scenes video clip, Miller recreates an incredible number of sexy, vintage pin up girl looks - each one hotter and sexier than the first.

Thanks, Marisa Miller for warning up this winter's day.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Marisa Miller Sexy Bikini Shoot.

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