Monday, November 09, 2009

Fashionable Ideas to Conquer the Recession

Tana Gabrielle Fitness Model in Micro String Bikini
Tana Gabrielle
Fitness Model
in Micro String Bikini

Wearing a t-shirt to make a living?

Well, one marketing executive has turned wearing a t-shirt with a logo into a well paying advertising business.

The idea is quite simple, yet very effective - wear a t-shirt with a company logo or ad message all day; video, photograph and blog about your daily activates and post them on all the social media sites - You Tube, Flickr and Twitter.

Charge a day rate for the date value in the year - $1 for January 1 and $365 for December 31, the 365 day of the year.

Can such a simple strategy work?

You bet, marketer Jason Sadler has already sold out all days in 2009, see the video clip.

Jason Sadler earns a living by wearing a t-shirt.

And, even in this down economy, he has been able to already book most of his t-shirt wearing days for next year, with the earliest open booking dates in July of 2010.

He also branched out into his own t-shirt line and his own web site

This story kind of reminds us of sexy fitness model Tana Gabrielle who turn her sexy cleavage into advertising space, a few years ago.

She became known as the walking "Body Billboard Babe" renting out space on her sexy cleavage for a temporary tattoo advertising banner.

So even in these trying times, some people have managed to turn an fashionable idea into a fashionable, profitable business.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Fashionable Ideas to Conquer the Recession.

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