Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantasy Birthday for Sexy Danielle Lloyd

Girl in Sexy Cop Costume at Danielle Lloyd Birthday Party Credit: Splash News
Sexy Cop at Danielle Lloyd Brithday Party

What could be hotter than a fantasy birthday party for English fashion and glamour model Danielle Lloyd?

Well, Halloween may be over, but a very sexy fantasy birthday party is the order of the day for Danielle Lloyd who turned 25 on December 16.

Looking like a very sexy Cinderella, Danielle arrived in a low cut Cinderella outfit showcasing her 32 double D cleavage.

She wore a vibrant mini dress in gold and blue satin colors with white lace trim, white layered petticoat, thigh high white stocking and sexy white Malibu high heel stiletto shoes.

All the outfits worn by the female guest at the party were very sexy including a blond wearing a very sexy low cut policeman - bobby uniform, fishnet stocking, knee high black stiletto boots.

Party Girl Danielle Lloyd in Cinderella Costume with thigh high white stockings Splash News
Party Girl Danielle Lloyd in Cinderella Costume

While another woman arrived in a very tight fitting red strapless corset, black layered petticoat, thigh high fishnet stockings topped with red lace, red grader belt, and sexy black pattern leather shoes.

Arriving in a shopping cart was a very sexy elf in a green mini dress with thigh high green stockings, white trimmed halter top, green Santa elf hat with white trim and very high heel black shoes.

Pushing the elf was one of Santa's helpers dressed in a red satin mini dress with white trim, red cape with white trim, white blouse, red and white trimmed cap and very sexy thigh high white stockings.

Sexy Santa Helpers arrive in Shopping Cart Splash News
Party Girls arrive in Shopping Cart

Danielle Lloyd began her modeling career by entering competitions in and around Liverpool.

In 2004 she was crowned both as Miss England and Miss World and was named Miss Great Britain in 2006.

Danielle Lloyd also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, eventually finishing firth in the competition.

Kseniya Sukhinova Crowned Miss World

Russia's Kseniya Sukhinova has been crowned the 58th Miss World after a two-hour spectacle in Johannesburg, South Africa, that combined elements of travelogue and reality show.

Miss India came in second and Miss Trinidad and Tobago third.

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