Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sexy Cap or Mom Is Always Right

Beanie Style Angora hat
Sexy Angolia Cap

My mother always told me to keep my cap on.

But of course, being a wild, sexy child, I loved to throw my curly locks to the wind.

A sexy hairdo should be seen and not buried under a cap.

Yes, this was the style I choose, until one day I received a very sexy angolia cap as a present.

Well, I thought - just throw it in the back of the closet.

Humm, but it was snowing outside and a bunch of my friends seemed to be having a great time in the snow.

Of well, maybe I should try on this sexy angolia cap, after all, it was cold outside and besides, I wasn't putting on a fashion show at the mall.

Well, after about an hour and a half later, I was wet and covered in snow.

Time to head in for a nice hot chocolate drink.

Humm, I notice when I remover the angolia cap, that my ears weren't frozen as usual.

Sweater hoodie vest
Hot Hoodie Sweater

You know, those frozen ear tops that sting and burn as they unfreeze.

I also observe that those freezer burn on my forehead from the freezing winter wind wasn't there.

In fact, my face wasn't frozen like usual.

Maybe mother was right, - isn't she always - 70% of your body heat passes through your head so wear a cap and you will stay warm.

Anyway, since that day I have become a cap convert.

Actually caps are sexy, and they make great eye covers when your boy friend pisses you off.

This very sexy angolia pink cap is just the way I like it - sexy, hot and pink.

Of course, when temperatures begin to recede, I just love a warm hooded sweater.

You know, the ones with the zipper in front that make a great boy magnet when your boyfriend away.

Just love playing with the zipper, and it really get the guy's attention.

Whether you play with your hair, or play with the hoodie, a hoodie sweater is really warm and sexy - great for some hot body moves.

I really love this bunny hooded sweater, it's warm and hot and those sexy bunny pulls for the hoodie are real attention getters.

Maybe you should give your sister a angora cap as a holiday present, then you can gloat that mom was right, too.

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