Friday, October 03, 2008

Sexy French Maids and Hot Hunk Butlers

Frisky French Maid
Frisky French Maid Costume

Why do we find a French Maid so sexy?

Perhaps it's that lacey, blossoming petticoat under her short lacey mini skirt.

Or, perhaps it's her black nylon stockings or fishnet stockings and garter belt that intrigues us.

Of course, the sound of her high heel stiletto shoes against the bare wooden floors can create a hot beat.

Conceivably, we just enjoy watching her as she cleans around the house.

Catching glimpses of her flowering petticoat as she bends over to dusk the table or chairs.

Maybe, we enjoy catching a glimpse of her cleavage that her low cut decolletage reveals as she bends over to straighten out the room or whisks away the dirt with her feather duster.

French Main Costume, Fishnet Stockings and High Heel Stiletto Shoes
Fi Fi, the French Maid

Or perhaps, we just enjoy the way that she folds down the bed sheets and leaves a chocolate kiss on our pillow.

Whatever the reasons, the French Maid outfit is a very sexy look for Halloween or, for that matter, any time of year.

It's always great to have a sexy maid around the house, especially someone who can help you with your French lessons, - oui, oui.

Well, this sexy frisky French Maid costume is just the right outfit to tease the master or perhaps that hunk of a butler.

The outfit is made of stretch lycra that really hugs your body.

Also included in this frisky French Maid costume is a stretch lycra mini dress with apron, collar, headpiece, gloves and crinoline.

All in all, a very sexy French maid look.

Or perhaps, you want to look your sexy best, without being too revealing.

Then, Fi Fi the French Maid outfit may be just the outfit you are looking for.

Male Butler Outfit
Male Butler Outfit

It includes a French maid dress, with lace up, corest style front that will enhance your cleavage without revealing too much.

Also included in the costume is a petticoat to enhance and embellish the mini skirt, black choker and white French maid headpiece.

A very hot outfit, yet not too revealing.

And, of course, we can't forget your sexy boyfriend.

You know, the one who is always working out at the gym with that great physique.

So, for your hunk of a boyfriend, we have just the outfit to show off his well formed abs and chest.

This very hot male butler outfit for your hunk of a man comes with thong, cuffs and a bow tie neckpiece.

Sorry, girls you will have to supply your own hunk.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy French Maid Costumes.

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