Monday, December 08, 2008

Guys and Girls in Their Underwear Set Guinness World Record

Girls and Guys in their underwear Credit: Entertainment Press / Splash News
Girls and Guys in their underwear set Guinness World Record

From male hunks in their underwear - briefs to girls in their panties - knickers, 116 people showed up in their underwear to set a new Guinness World Record.

On a cold and gloomy day, 116 descended on the St. Pancras rail station in London wearing just their underwear in an attempt to break the world record for the number of people gathered in one location in their underwear - knickers.

Did they break the record?

116 Guys and Girls in their Underwear Entertainment Press / Splash News
116 Guys and Girls in their Underwear.

Yes, they did and by a margin of 56 people.

Yes, we love a sexy story, especially when it involves great looking guys and girls in their underwear, however, we are happy to report that the company that sponsored this event Pants to Poverty is also helping focus attention on organic undies, that are fair trade certified, sweatshop free and made from organic cotton.

Thanks to the group's efforts, many cotton farmers in India are now paid fairly thanks to fair trade policies.

The farmers also use organic farming methods, which include using natural pesticides like manure, instead of toxic chemicals.

What could be better - sexy underwear that is good for the environment and helps struggling farmers support their families.

If you cannot see the photos or video in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Guys and Girls in Their Underwear.


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