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Sugar and Spice Girls Unite
Emma Bunton - Baby Spice in black knee high stockings and black high heel pumps
Emma Bunton -
Baby Spice

The singing and fashion setting Spice Girls are reuniting for a world wide tour kicking off in Los Angeles on December 7, 2007.

How the spice Girls Got Their Nicknames.

All the Spice Girls were nicknamed by the British press based on their personalities.

The girls Geri "Ginger" Halliwell , Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Melanie "Scary" Brown, Emma "Baby" Bunton and Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm appeared on stage together at London's O2 Arena on June 28, 2007 for the first time since 1998 to announce their return.

Emma "Baby" Bunton

Because she often wore sexy "baby doll" dresses, was the youngest member of the Spice Girls and had an innocent demeanour, Emma Bunton was nicked Baby Spice.

For more Melanie "Baby" Spice see: Emma "Baby" Bunton Official Site, Emma "Baby" Bunton MySpace site or Emma "Baby" Bunton Wikipedia page.

Victoria Beckham - Posh Spice in micro mini skirts and high heel boots
Victoria Beckham -
Posh Spice

Victoria "Posh" Beckham

Because of her regal and composed attitude, deadpan facial expressions and being bedecked in ultra short black Gucci dresses and black high heel shoes, she was doved the title of Posh Spice.

Victoria Beckham is also known as an international style icon and has expanded outside the world of music to the world of fashion.

In 2004, Victoria Beckham designed a fashion line for Rock and Republic called VB Rocks consisting mainly of jeans.

She has also designed women's clothes including shirts and skirts under a logo of a crown with the letters "VB".

In September 2006, Beckham left Rock and Recpublic to launch her own line of high price jeans called DBV Style.

Also in 2006, Victoria Beckham released a line of sunglasses and a his and her fragrance line in association with Coty under the "Intimately Beckham" logo.

For more Posh information see: Victoria "Posh" Beckham Official Site and and Victoria "Posh" Beckham Wikipedia page.

Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice up skirt shot in white tutu skirt
Geri Halliwell -
Ginger Spice

Geri "Ginger" Halliwell

Because of her red hair with blonde highlights she was nicknamed Ginger Spice.

Ginger was also noted for wearing very sexy outfits that attracted attention to her and the group.

For more information about Geri "Ginger" Halliwell, see Geri Halliwell Official Site and and Geri Halliwell Wikipedia page.

Melanie Brown - Scary Spice in black and blue leather jump suit
Melanie Brown -
Scary Spice

Melanie "Scary" Brown

Because of her outrageous, "in-your-face" attitude, 'loud' Leeds accent, throaty laugh, manner of dress (which often consisted of leopard-print outfits) and her voluminously curly hair, Melanie Brown was dubbed Scary Sprice by the British media.

For more on Melanie Brown checkout: Melanie B's Official MySpace site and and Melanie "Scary" Brown Wikipedia page.

Jayne Chisholm - Sporty Spice in jeans and t-shirt
Jayne Chisholm -
Sporty Spice

Melanie Jayne "Sporty" Chisholm

Because she was found of wearing tracksuits with her hair tied in a ponytail and of her tomboy attitude, Melanie Jane Chisholm was nicknamed Sporty Spice.

For more on Melanie Jane "Sporty" Chisholm see: Melanie Jane "Sporty" Chisholm Official Site, Official Melanie C MySpace Profile, or Melanie Jayne Chisholm Wikipedia page.

Spice Girls Original Group Picture
Spice Girls -

The Spice Girls originally split up in 1998 when Geri "Ginger" Halliwell left the group to pursue a solo singing career.

Spice Girls Reunited Group Picture
Spice Girls -

The remaining four members of the group split up in early 2001.

The Spice Girls started their career with the hit "Wannabe" in 1996.

The newly united Spice Girls will release a greatest hits album in November, 2007 and prepare for their world wide tour appropriated labeled "The return of the Spice Girls".

Additional cities and dates for the "The return of the Spice Girls" tour are:

U.S. Dates

Los Angeles - December 7, 2007

Las Vegas - December 8, 2007

New York - December 11, 2007

International Dates

London - December 15, 2007

Köln - December 20, 2007

Madrid - December 23, 2007

Beijing - January 10, 2008

Hong Kong - January 12, 2008

Sydney - January 17, 2008

Cape Town - January 20, 2008

Buenos Aires - January 24, 2008

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