Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Unsynced Britney, Drooling Jessica and Speedy Danica

Britney Spears Unsynced

Britney Spears in See Thru Blouse
Britney Spears in See Thru Blouse

Britney Spears music maybe unsynced, but her fashion looks and wigs are improving.

Some singers wear their underwear on the outside, but Britney prefers to display her bra through a see through red turtleneck blouse with long sleeves.

Sometimes the outside packaging can really emphasis what lies within.

For some more, see Britney and her Cousins Partying At Les Deux.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

Jessica Alba Drooling

Jessica Alba Drooling
Jessica Alba Drooling

Some people just drool over their favorite film stars.

In this case, Jessica Alba is doing the drooling.

Not exactly sure what this photo is suppose to depict, but Jessica is just drooling water out of her mouth, letting it run down the center cleavage of her white bikini top.

Either way, Jessica will either cool you off or heat you up

Want more of Jessica Alba GQ spread, why a course you do.

Danica Patrick Drives in Indianapolis 500

Sexy Danica Patrick is one of three women drivers who qualified for this year's Indianapolis 500.

Danica Patrick Drives in Indianapolis 500
Danica Patrick Drives in Indianapolis 500

She joins Sarah Fisher and Venezuelan born Milka Dunno, the other two women drives to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 which will be run on Sunday, May 27, 2007.

Danica had the 8th fastest starting time in qualifying, Fisher qualified 21st, and Dunno qualified 29th.

Whether on the race track or modeling, Danica Patrick is fast and sexy, as this extremely hot and sexy shot of Danica shows.

Danica looks super hot is this red lace up corset , black ultra short boy shorts and black knee high, high heel stiletto boots.

Good luck to Danica and the other woman competing in this years Indianapolis 500.

For more insite into Danica Patrick read this USA Weekend interview.

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