Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Booty Firming Bikini Exercise Workout

String Bikini back view with booty
Hot New, Sexy String Bikini

Well, spring break is over and Memorial Day, the official start of the beach season in the states, is just around the corner.

It's time to get ready for those hot, new, sexy string bikini fashions that will be appearing on the beach or at your favorite pool.

This year, the string bikini look will definitely feature less material and a lot more skin and booty.

For those who dare, or just crave attention, the lineup of micro string bikinis leaves little to the imagination.

Female fitness bikini model excercising her booty and abs in a workout routine
Exercise to Firm Your Booty and Abs

So, you definitely want to be in top shape for this season's hot new string bikini looks.

With that in mind, I am sure you will enjoy these booty and abs firming workout routines shown in this exercise video clip.

Whatever shape you are in, a little exercise now will help get you in shape for the beach and pool fashion scene.

Deep stretch exercises increase your flexibility and also help tone those booty and stomach muscles and provide an excellent leg workout.

Female fitness bikini model demostrates pelvis lift exerciseFe
Pelvis Lift to Exercise Your Booty and Abs Muscles

Another fitness routine that will help keep your booty firm is the pelvis lift exercise.

Just raise your pelvis off the floor, while pushing up with your legs.

Well, it time to get serious about our bikini booty workout routine.

So, just watch the exercise video clip.

If you cann't see the movie above in your reader or e-mail program, just click here for a Sexy Toned Butt


Then start your booty shaking workout routine today.

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