Monday, March 26, 2007

Christina Blows – Gisele High Heel Shoes

Christina Aguilera blows out candles on Nylon cake.
Christina Aguilera blows out candles on Nylon cake.

With so much happening in the fashion world and so many celebrities in rehab, we have been remiss in reporting on the celebrity scene.

So, it's Monday, time to dig some of last week's celebrities doings.

Christina Aguilera really looked stunning at the NYLON magazine party.

Great photo on the anniversary cake.

Gisele Bundchen Stiletto Heel Dance
Gisele Bundchen Stiletto Heel Dance.

Hum, we just love watching Christina pucker up and blow . . .

What our favorite Brazilian sexy kitten doing. Well, Gisele Bundchen launched the Ipanema-Gisele Bundchen Y Ikatu Xingu Footwear Collection.

We can see Gisele is very excited by the new footwear line, doing a little dance in sexy high heel shoes.

Just wondering if Gisele’s sexy high heel shoes are part of the collection.

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