Monday, January 08, 2007

Sexy Valentine Thongs - for Him and Her.

Stretch Satin Thong with Beads
Woman Stretch Satin Thong with Beads

One of the hottest, most romantics holidays is fast approaching.

I know its seems that we just got over the holidays, but now is the time to plan for that very special day - Valentine day.

From working out at the gym to burn off those extra holiday pounds, to searching for the perfect gift for your lover - it's time to start planning for that very romantic and sexy day.

Sexy lingerie is definitely called for on Valentine day and is one of our favorites passions anyway.

I just love sexy thongs; they can really show off you booty.

Man Nylon Spandex Stripe Fitted Thong Briefs
Man Nylon Spandex Stripe Fitted Thong Briefs

Whether the thongs are for him or her, they provide those sexy underpinnings to any sexy, romantic evening.

This stretch satin thong is just right for displaying and accentuating your booty.

I just love the feel of satin next to my skin and the beads just add to the look.

Just due a little booty dance to light his desire.

You can also have your lover remove the beads, since you can also wear them as a beaded chocker necklace.

What a fun idea and a very sexy hot look for you.

I know men don't always dress sexy, to take the initiative and get him some ultra sexy thong bikini briefs.

These nylon spandex stripe fitted thong briefs are just right for showing off his physique.

The tight fitting, see thru material really enhances his build.

And, you will just love the feel of the material, so just cop a feel or two during dinner.

So get him some hot, sexy thong briefs and make sure that he models them for you.

A great Valentine treat, indeed.

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