Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What is the hottest, sexiest fabric for clubbing the night away? - Part I

Well, if you are in good shape - latex garments can really embellish your figure and a gleaming latex outfit can really interacts with lighting found in clubs.

Although, some people consider latex as a kind of fetish or cult type fashion, the truth is, it's really a form embellishing and exciting fabric.

The flexibility of the latex fabric allows it to hug your body and move with your body.

Outfits can be cut daringly, since the tight fit insures that the latex garment will remain in place.

Be as daring as you like - you can even wear a latex mini skirt with cut outs to show more of your body - without worrying about showing too much.

And, our latex wear tips will help insure that your sexy latex outfits will remain sparkling clean and looking hot and sexy for a long time.

Latex wears tips:

To make it easier to put on your latex garment, you should sprinkle the inside of the latex garment with talc or baby powder, or use the same conditioner you used to shine the outside of the garment on the inside. This will make it easier to put on the latex garment.

If you have long fingernails, you should use lightweight cotton gloves to protect the latex garment while you are putting it on. Cotton gloves make it easier to adjust the tight fitting latex garments until they are properly fitted to your figure.

Latex is a very hot, sexy material that can really show off you figure, however, there are some things you should avoid in order to really shine in your latex outfit.

Cigarettes, flames and fire, as well as, hot radiators should be avoided as latex material burns very easily. Also, avoid jewelry made of copper, brass or bronze as these metals can cause discoloration to your latex fashions.

What is the Hottest, Sexiest Fabric for Clubbing the Night Away? - Part II.


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