Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some Yummy Ideas for Valentine Day.

Your Portrait in Chocolate
Your Portrait in Chocolate

Well, if you always though your lover was good enough to eat - well now you can.

In fact, you can have them photographically reproduced in full living color on delicious chocolate.

We are always looking for unique and delicious gift ideas, and this is certainly a unique and delicious one.

And it won't cost you a mint, to have your full color, high resolution photo reproduced onto chocolate.

Picture Yourself on a Heat Shaped Chocolate Lollipop
Picture Yourself on a Heat Shaped Chocolate Lollipop

Chocolate two inch round coins are just - $0.99, Chocolate Business Cards - $2.89, Heart shaped or round Lollipop - $2.89, Columns Chocolate Portrait 13 oz, 9.5 " x 7.5" Chocolate Portrait with large image area framed with columns $24.98, Round Chocolate CD packaged in jewel case - $6.49.

This is just a small sample some of these chocolate photographic delights.

Your Portrait in Chocolate
Bouquet of Colorful Chocolate Lollipop Portraits

Sounds yummy, now compare that to the cost of a dozen uneatable roses.

Having created and patented a revolutionary Chocolography Food Imaging System that enables the printing of high-resolution, full color pictures, images and text directly onto the surface of various food products such as chocolate, The Chocolate Printing Company, Inc. has been creating unique chocolate photographic products since 1998.

The company can turn your photos or digital photos into chocolate works of art.

Customized photo chocolates make great Valentine Day gift and they also make great promotional items for you or your company.

Business Cards and Gift Sets Make of Chocolate
Business Cards and Gift Sets Make of Chocolate

I know that free food items are always a big hit at trade shows.

When you combine long lines and high prices at typical trade show food stands, you know that attendees are always on the outlook for a delicious - pick me up treat.

And, what better treat than a piece of chocolate - especially with your logo or sales message on it.

You know, that the attendees will also bring a few chocolate pieces back to the office for their bosses or colleagues to see and eat.

Recently, the Web Marketing Association provided chocolate coins from the Creative Chocolate Printing Company to all of the participants at the ad:tech Conference and Expo in New York.

Your Logo on Chocolate
Your Logo on Chocolate - A Truely Yummy Gift

The logo and URL for their IAC Award program were printed in chocolate and was a big hit at the show.

If the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you - you can become an affiliate of the company.

There is no fee involved to become an affiliate and you will earn a commission on each order.

Hum, now how many boutiques, designers, photographers, caterers, bridal boutiques, hair saloon places due I know.

Don't forget the restaurants - great little treat presented with the bill or for a hotel or bed and breakfast - great little treat for the pillow.

Now where are my chocolate coins.

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