Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Janice Dickinson Flashes Photographers

Janice Flashes Photographers
Janice Flashes Photographers

Photographers looking for a bit of stocking or an upskirt angle needn't worry when Janice Dickinson is around.

Not only will she raise her skirt, but she will pull it up to her navel, exposing not only her great legs, but her lacey white panties, or knickers, as she calls them.

Janice looks just smashing in her all white outfit - from her high heel white lace sandals to her white lace panties - knickers, white dress and a course, a white pocketbook.

The fiftyish - first supermodel still looks great and is currently promoting her new British reality tv show Abby and Janice: Beauty and the Beast.

When asked about the secrets of her beauty, she comments. "Everything about me is fake and I'm perfect. Fake tits, fake teeth, fake hair, fake nails, I'm perfect." What some more Janice high jinks?

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