Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mesmerizing Rhinestone Bra and Thong Panty - Spandex Mini

Rhinestone Bra and Thong Panty
Rhinestone Bra and Thong Panty

This rhinestone bra and throng panty set is really unique and makes a great underpinning for a hot sexy dance outfit.

Just add some silky see thru veils, or a fringed skirt, and you can create a great outfit for a dancer or singer.

I love the rhinestone bra and thong panty for my belly dancing routine.

Hum, you can really mesmerize your audience as the rhinestones capture and reflect the room lighting.

Spandex and Lace Mini Dress
Spandex and Lace Mini Dress

The more dramatic the lighting, strobe or spot light, the more impact the outfit has.

The full coverage bra is made entirely of rhinestones and matches the rhinestone fringed skirt and bikini throng panty.

Just watch your audience reaction as you gyrate your hips and top to a hot, sexy beat.

This is a really a unique treat.

I always love spandex and lace, and this hot spandex mini dress is one of my favorites.

I just adore how the tight spandex bodice highlights your cleavage, and who doesn't want to highlight their cleavage.

The lacing from the hem to the bust, really adds a sexy look to the outfit.

This outfit is just great for a hot night on the town, lounging by the pool or entertaining in your boudoir.

Need I say more...

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