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Flying through the Air in Thigh High Stockings and Mini Skirts - Video Clip.

Up She Goes - Can She Touch Her Toes
Up She Goes -
Can She Touch Her Toes

Flying through the air in thigh high stocking and a mini skirt - is it a bird, is it a plane?

No it a hot group of sexy women trying out for a spot on the Man Show - Women on Trampoline.

Up and Over She Goes
Up and Over She Goes

From performing incredible contortions, to bouncing sisters acts, gymnasts, cheerleaders, brides, models in mini skirts, stockings and high heels; beautiful, sexy women from throughout the land heard the call and came in droves to try out and perform for the Man Show's woman on trampoline segment.

She Lands on Her Toes
She Lands on Her Toes

From flying summersaults to jumping splits, if you could do it on a trampoline, these women did, much to the delight of the bystanders and audience alike.

Jimmy and Adams, the hosts of The Man Show have been promoting women on trampoline on their show and exposing their audience and the world to the fun and excitement of trampolining.

Not only is trampolining fun, but it is a very beneficial form of exercise.

Even a Bride reaches the Sky
Even a Bride reaches the Sky

It is estimated the five to eight minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to running 1 mile.

Thus, trampoline exercise is great for fitness, weight control, therapeutic exercise and burning energy.

Trampolining strengthens the heart by increasing the pulse rate and stressing every heart cell, which makes your heart much stronger.

It also exercises your legs and strengthens your legs.

Doing the Twist in Mid Air
Doing the Twist in Mid Air

Since your legs act as an auxiliary pump for the cardio vascular system, strong legs take a strain off of the heart.

Gymnasts, astronauts, and even the U.S. Navy Flight School all regularly use the trampoline as a training device.

Is it a Red Mini Skirt or a Parachute
Is it a Red Mini Skirt or a Parachute

In fact, NASA has used trampolining for years to help in rehabilitating astronauts after their return from weightlessness in space.

Others, such as physical education instructors and fitness experts, use the trampoline as part of an overall fitness program, pointing out that trampoline exercising provides cardiovascular benefits, is low impact on the body's joints, and helps to build muscle in the lower extremities.

Flying over the Trees in the Breeze
Flying over the Trees in the Breeze

Trampoline gymnastics has been recognized by the Olympic and trampoline gymnastics officially made its debut at the 2000 Summer Games.

Who invented the Trampoline?

Touching Your Toes in Mid Air
Touching Your Toes in Mid Air

While there are many stories about the development of the trampoline, officially the credit to it invention goes to George Nissen.

George Nissen a gymnastic and diving competitor and Larry Griswold a tumbler, both on the University of Iowa, USA gymnastic team are credited with creating the first trampoline.

They had observed trapeze artists using a tight net to add entertainment value to their performance and experimented by stretching a piece of canvas, in which they had inserted grommets along each side, to an angle iron frame by means of coiled springs.

The initial trampoline was initially used to train tumblers.

The name comes from the Spanish word trampolin meaning a diving board.

George Nissen heard the word in Mexico and decided to use an anglicized form as the trademark for the bouncing rig.

You can turn in to the Man Show on June 18, 2006 at 9:30 pm ET/PT to see a reply of the Trampoline Audition show.

Watch as Adam and Jimmy go in search of bouncing babes when they conduct trampoline auditions.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Flying through the Air in Thigh High Stockings and Mini Skirts - Video Clip.

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