Friday, May 19, 2006

Vintage Silk Stocking Video Clip - Kim Basinger

Hot legs, sexy black stockings and a Jaguar E type S3 roadster, these are the ingredients for a very hot stocking commercial.

Kim Basinger black stockings in the desert sun
Kim Basinger
black stockings in the desert sun

As the sun beats down, Kim Basinger arrives at a boarder crossing in a Jaguar, circa 1992.

As the custom agent inspects the trunk, he finds pairs and pairs of nylon and silk stockings, as Kim, in bright red lipstick, bits down on her sunglasses.

"What are you doing with these", the custom agent demands.

"I will show you", intones Kim

Kim rips open a pack of stockings.

She kicks off her black high heel shoes and gently play with a sheer black silk stocking as its blows over her face in the wind.

Then slowly - teasingly - she pulls the sheer black silk stocking up her long, sensuous leg.

"Satisfied", Kim moans to the custom inspector.

Great shot of Kim's legs as she gets into the Jugar and drives away.

Boy, we only wish that they made great stocking commercials today. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed our video clip of the week.

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