Friday, April 14, 2006

Hot Christina Applegate - Cameron Diaz Clip

If you were Christina Applegate or Cameron Diaz driving along the highway in a hot, sexy bikini, then you could certainly cause a traffic accident or two.

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On the road with
Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz
run clip below

For all of you who are driving to your Spring Break destinations, these driving tips from Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz can prove helpful, but you better be sure that your auto insurance is paid up.

What are Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz doing - try running the clip with the sound off and if you are viewing this clip from the office computer - make sure the sound is turned down.

Looks can be deceiving and this hilarious clip from the movie The Sweetest Thing (2002) certainly proves it.

This entertaining girl's night out romantic comedy written by female writer Nancy Pimental, kind of reminds us of the movie Dirty Love written by female writer and actress Jenny McCarthy and staring Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra.

When it comes to dating, Christina Walters, played by Cameron Diaz, has a golden rule: avoid searching for Mr. Right and focus on Mr. Right Now.

That is, until one night at a nightclub she unexpectedly meets someone special, only to see him suddenly disappear the next day.

She and her best friend Courtney, played by Christina Applegate, decide to break the rules and go on a road trip to find Mr. Right.

This clip highlights some of the whimsical misadventures that happen along the way.

The Sweetest Thing unrated edition is available on DVD, so you can either rent a copy or watch for it on one of the movie channels.

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Enjoy this sexy and funny video clip from the movie The Sweetest Thing below.

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