Monday, December 20, 2010

Lady Gaga Sexy Bejeweled Gown

Lady Gaga in bejeweled beige jacket and gown. Credit: Fame Pictures
Lady Gaga in bejeweled beige jacket and gown.

Lady Gaga wore a very sexy, bejeweled gown as she left her hotel in Paris, France.

Lady Gaga braved the frigid Parisian weather to greet her fans in a sexy beige gown.

She wore five strings of silver beads as part of a very sexy silvery beaded top.

Lady Gaga regal attire consisted of a off the shoulder beige jacket over the beaded top, coupled with a very long beige train gown.

Lady Gaga receives a hand from a fan - little monster. Credit: Fame Pictures
Lady Gaga receives a hand from a fan - little monster.

She wore her trademark pair of sexy round, silver sun glasses and even had her eyelashes colored in sparkling silver gold color.

Lady Gaga wore her golden hair in a classical and chic French twist.

Leaving her hotel to attend a lunch at swanky Parisian bistro Chez Andre, Gaga greeted fans, shaking their hands and signing autographs.

Lady Gaga reaction to her fan - priceless! Credit: Fame Pictures
Lady Gaga reaction to her fan - priceless!

Lady Gaga Snowed Out

Although, Lady Gaga seems unstoppable this year, she had to contend with Mother Nature in France.

The icy and snow covered roads forced the French government to detail Lady Gaga tour buses.

Lady Gaga tweeted her fans on Sunday that: All 28 of my trucks for the Monsterball were detained by the French government going on over 26 hrs.

Lady Gaga Most Fashionable 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who was the most fashionable celebrity in 2010???

Well, according to MTV, Lady Gaga easily won the title of most fashionable celebrity in 2010. Rounding out the top five Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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