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Secret Celebrity Rainy Day Survival Guide

Janice Dickinson umbrella, Ugg boots, blue jeans in the rain Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News
Janice Dickinson brightens up a rainy day with a smile

April has arrived and we know that those April showers will soon be showering down on us.

How do sexy, fashionable celebrities deal with April showers?

Well, we decided to find out how celebrities manage to survive the rain and still remain beautiful, even when wet.

Janice Dickinson

For Janice Dickinson, former supermodel and TV host, the rain is a reason to smile.

If you are fashionably prepared for a rainy day, than just enjoy the raindrops.

Dickinson basic rainy day outfit consists of your basic black umbrella.

A pair of very tight fitting blue jeans are great on a rainy day, and they become tighter as the blue jeans dry out from the rain.

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling share a yellow umbrella in the rain Credit: Whittle/Kaminski/ Splash News
Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling share a yellow umbrella in the rain

To keep your toes warm and dry, a pair of knee high Ugg boots do the trick.

A brown leather biker jacket will keep your top warm and dry, with all those zipper pocket to protect cell phones and other items from the rain.

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling

For the fashionable set, rain is no deterrent to looking hot, fashionable and sexy in the rain.

Don't hide under a black umbrella; add a little sunshine to the day with a bright, yellow umbrella.

Although, we won't recommend this for everyone, the fashionable set prefers open toe shoes high heel stiletto shoes, to display bright painted toes, even on a rainy day.

Taylor Monsen black and white umbrella Credit: Steffman / Curd/ Splash News
Taylor Monsen black and white umbrella

Both Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling splashed through the puddles on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as they film a scene for the television series 90210.

Under one yellow umbrella crouched the two actresses.

Garth clung to her metallic tote handbag, while Spelling held onto her Balenciaga motorcycle bag

Taylor Momsen

Some actresses see the rain in black and white.

In this case, beautiful starlet Taylor Momsen, from the TV series Gossip Girl and her rock band The Reckless, protects her blonde hair with a very wide, black and white plaid umbrella. Momsen sparkles in the downpour in a black plunging top embellished in rhinestones that covers a white u shaped t-shirt.

Black, skintight pants add a bit of protection against the rain.

Jay Baruchell and Teresa Palmer in the rain Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News
Jay Baruchell and Teresa Palmer in the rain

Adding a bit of color, but not very practical on a rainy day, Momsen wears a pair of blood red open toe high heel shoes.

Even on a rainy day, this sexy young actresses loves to show her bright colored toes.

Jay Baruchell and Teresa Palmer

Well, if you can't cast a spell to make the rain go away, then you might as well joke about it and enjoy your day.

This is exactly what actor Jay Baruchell and actress Teresa Palmer did while filming on location for The Sorcerer's Apprentice in the West Village.

The two joked at the rain under a large black umbrella.

Palmer keeps her long blond hair under a black hoodie, better than a spell to keep dry on a rainy day.

Her jacket covers the upper part of her schoolgirl outfit, leaving the pleated schoolgirl mini skirt and black pattern leggings exposed to the rain.

At least, her triple belted ankle boots will protect her feet from the rain.

So now you know the celebrity secrets to surviving a rainy day.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Secret Celebrity Rainy Day Survival Guide .

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