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Britney Spears - Sexy Belly Dancer - Cop

Officer Spears in Black Knee High Tied Boots and Hot Pants Credit: YN / Splash News
Officer Spears in Black Knee High Tied Boots and Hot Pants

Britney Spears' Circus tour is one of the hottest concerts in the past few years, incorporating both striking visual, as well as, fashion elements.

Spears concerts remind us of the glamour and glitz of a Cher concert without the glitter of Cher's Bob Mackie gowns.

While her singles, Womanizer and If U Seek Amy have been chart popping singles, the concert stage is the place were Spears really shines.

Officer Spears in Black Knee High Tied Boots and Hot Pants Credit: YN / Splash News
Officer Spears sexy dance moves.

Even Madonna, Britney idol, attended Circus performance in New York.

The Circus tour manages to orchestrate music, fashion, and dance into a very visual and entertaining venue.

The three-ring circus stage could echo Spears life over the past few years, with so many different things going on in her life, custody battle, bizarre behavior and the appointment of her father Jamie Spears as her legal conservator.

Spears seems to be bouncing back and really getting into the tour.

Britney Spears in blue and gold belly dancer costume in Circus tour Credit: YN / Splash News
Britney Spears will be your belly dancer.

Spears costumes and dance movements, coupled with her music really creates a powerful, full sensory experience.

Britney Spears was radiant in a blue draped belly dancer pants skirt, with oversized golden and glittery belt and glittery gold bra.

The belly dancer outfit captures the retro glamour, sexy sideshow circus dancers that features hoochee coochee dancers or belly dancers.

Spears looked stunning as a cop, in knee high black lace up boots, fishnet pantyhose, black short shorts complete with sparkling hand cuffs.

She wore a blue white top with buttons undone revealing a black bra and tie.

Topping the cop outfit with sunglasses and a policeman cap with an oversized stylized B for Britney.

Spears enjoyed toying with a male dancer and swinging her black baton, in her sexy cop costume.

The black aviator sunglasses captured the set lighting and gave the appearance of two brazing red eyes peering through the glasses, as she toyed with a male dancer.

Yes, Spears is back and as hot, sexy and flamboyant as ever as these sexy photos from Britney Spears Circus tour prove.

Britney Spears Circus Tour Highlights

Madonna makes a surprise visit at Britney's concert and the princess is happier than ever while on tour.

Also, bikini clad Bridney Spears enjoys a mini vacation in Miami in today's video clip.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Britney Spears - Sexy Belly Dancer - Cop.


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