Friday, February 29, 2008

Will the Real Marilyn Monroe Please Stand Up?

Paris Hilton in a champagne glass
Paris Hilton a Marilyn Look

There have always been Marilyn Monroe impersonators capturing the essence and beauty that was Marilyn, however, now some of the top celebrities are getting into the Marilyn Monroe act.

Whether it was by intention or just coincidence, we have to admit that a photo of Paris Hilton performing in a champagne glass in a Swarovski crystal covered lingerie outfit does captured the Marilyn look.

Paris Hilton celebrated her 27 birthday by performing with the Pusscycat Dolls at Pure in Las Vegas, with her sister Nicky Hilton and beau David Katzenberg in the audience.

The Pussycat Dolls sang "Happy Birthday" to her and surprised her with an orange and chocolate striped cake with pink roses.

Lindsay Lohan posing as Marilyn Monroe
Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe

But we think the most interesting part of the performance resulted in one photo that reminds us of Marilyn.

Meanwhile, photographer Bert Stern tried to recreate the famous photo shoot he did with Marilyn Monroe in 1962 at Hotel Bel-Air.

The photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe became know at "The Last Sitting", occurring just 6 weeks before Marilyn Monroe died of a reported overdoes at age 36.

Lindsay Lohan was chosen to portray Marilyn Monroe for the photo shoot, which was featured on the cover and a spread in New York magazine.

Lindsey Lohan donned a blond wig, but was naked except for some props - see through scarves, veil, diamonds and lots of freckles.

The initial stories on the web about Lindsay Lohan - Marilyn Monroe shoot brought New York magazine web site to a crawl.

New York magazine web site published the story and photos entitled Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe in 'The Last Sitting' which included additional photos from the shoot that did not make it into the New York magazine photo spread.

So what do you think, mirror, mirror on the wall, who really looks like Marilyn Monroe?

Well, if you think you or your friends look like Marilyn Monroe, why not get a wig and dress and create your own Marilyn Monroe photo shoot?

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