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Sexy New Bikinis and Swim Wear for Spring Break

Brazilian Wrap Swimsuit in Gold Liquid Metal
Brazilian Wrap Swimsuit in Gold Liquid Metal

It's time to search for a sexy new bikini and get back into shape because before you know it Spring Break will be here.

Whether you're planning a Mexico vacation to Cancun, the beaches of Jamaica or those beach side hotels - motels in Florida - Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, Key West, Tampa or Miami, now is the time to plan for Spring Break 2008.

Spring Break really depends on when colleges and universities plan their breaks, which can be anywhere from the first week to the last week in March.

But, no matter when your school break occurs, Spring Break activities will be going on all throughout the month of March.

You will especially want a new hot bikini or several bikinis if you plan to party at all those great clubs in Daytona Florida like the Daytona Beach Clubs, Ocean Deck, Razzles and 600 North.

Sexy Red Hot Metallic Passion Swimsuit in Stretch Liquid Metal
Sexy Red Hot Metallic Passion Swimsuit in Stretch Liquid Metal

The beach side clubs are party central and a hot, sexy bikini is the Spring Break fashion statement, especially if you plan to participate in all the parties and contests that make Spring Break such fun.

Since MTV moved it's Spring Break activities to Panama Beach Florida, this has become the new US hot spot for students on Spring Break.

Panama City Beach is non stop entertainment during March with live Spring Break beach concerts, nightlife events, fashion shows.

The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort has daily Bikini and T-shirt contests, karaoke nightly; Classmate USA model search and shoot between March 8-16, 2008.

Club La Vela has the Maxim Magazine model search between March 8 - 15, 2008, live concert featuring Pubble of Mudd, Neurosnic, Tyler Read on March 4 and Live concert featuring Ying Yang Twins on March 11, 2008.

Red Hot Adjustable Slider Swimsuit with Rhinestone Sliders
Red Hot Adjustable Slider Swimsuit with Rhinestone Sliders

Plus MTV Spring Break beach events on the Panama City Beach Florida throughout the month of March 2008.

New Passport Regulations for US Citizens Traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean

New Passport regulations require a passport for US citizens traveling by air to Mexico or the Caribbean, so unless you have a Passport you will not be able to travel to Mexico or the Caribbean by air.

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are US territories and due not require a Passport for US citizens.

Currently, a Passport is not required for US citizens traveling by land or sea to Mexico or the Caribbean, however, new Passport regulations for land and sea trips are scheduled for mid 2009, so check with your travel agent or cruise line for current regulations.

Pompei Beach Bikini with Monte Carlo Halter Top
Pompei Beach Bikini with Monte Carlo Halter Top

Vivid Prints and Metallic Look in 2008 Swimwear

If you want wow the guys, you will want one or more of the new style bikinis.

Whether you favor the more fuller, traditional bikini or the more daring string bikinis, now is a great time to pick out and enhance your bikini wardrobe for Spring Break.

Bright, vivid prints bikinis are the hot item in 2008.

If you are looking for a traditional bikini that will really get attention, this is one way to go.

Hot pinks and mix and match are definitely good choices.

By mixing bikini tops and bottoms, you can create many different looks plus achieve a better fit, and since you will be wearing your bikini most of the time, these are good choices to make.

For the more daring, and you know who you are, string bikinis can show off as such of your body as you like.

Some of the strings in string bikinis have become so small that they cover two inches or less.

String bikinis may be for the daring, but they certainly get attention.

Metallic - stretch liquid metal materials are popular for these tiny string bikinis.

From radiant red, gold, pink and silver, you will certainly stand out and catch the boys' eye in a metallic string bikini.

So before it's too late, make your plans for an unforgettable, Spring Break.

You know, the type of Spring Break that brings a glimmer to your parents' eye, although they might not want to talk about it.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy New Bikinis and Swim Wear for Spring Break.

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