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Rihanna Hour Glass Figure

Rihanna Retro Glamour Look
Rihanna Retro Glamour Look

Capturing that retro glamour look, singer Rihanna graced the red carpet at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in a very tight fitting, silky green gown that highlighted her hour glass figure.

The dress captured the retro glamour looks of Mae West and Marilyn Monroe while emphasizing Rihanna stunning figure.

The silk material was gathered at the knee, and flared into a fish tail like base.

Capping her look was a 50ish style hairdo with lots of big curls, especially the large curly bangs.

Her beautiful makeup was set aglow with the reddest shade of red lipstick.

Altogether a very stunning outfit.

Rihanna, not only captured the audience with her green gown and retro glamour look but she also captured "Female Entertainer of the Year" and "World's Best Selling Pop Female Artist" awards.

Gatthered at the Knee - Flared Base
Gatthered at the Knee - Flared Base

Among the other World Music Awards winner were:

Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution to R&B - Patti LaBelle

Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music - Celine Dion

World's Best-Selling New Artist - Mika

World's Best-Selling Pop/Rock Male Artist - Mika

World's Best-Selling Pop/Rock Female Artist - Avril Lavigne

World's Best-Selling Rap/Hip-Hop Artist - 50 Cent

World's Best-Selling Rock Group - Linkin Park

World's Best-Selling R+B Artist - Akon

World's Best-Selling Pop Female Artist - Rihanna

World's Best-Selling DJ - David Guetta

World's Best-Selling Latin Artist - Mana

Male Entertainer of the Year - Mika

Female Entertainer of the Year - Rihanna

World's Best-Selling Internet Artist - Akon

Best-Selling Artists from around the world:

Africa - Akon

America - Justin Timberlake

Australia - Silverchair

Britain - Mika

Canada - Avril Lavigne

China - Jay Chou

Netherlands - Within Temptation

France - Christophe Willem

Germany - Cascada

Ireland - U2

Italy - Laura Pausini

Middle East - Amr Diab

Russia - Silver

Spain - Miguel Bose

Scandinavia - Nightwish

For more Rihanna fashion news and pictures go to Rihanna Fashion News and Pictures.


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