Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sexy School Girls Rock!

Busty School Girl Costume
Busty School Girl Costume

Whether you want to play the roll of a sexy schoolgirl or perhaps daddy little girl; these sexy, naughty schoolgirl costumes rock.

Not only is the sexy little school girl look a great outfit for Halloween, but it's a look that is great for night clubs and, of course, you can always act out your own sexy little school girl or daddy's little girl fantasies.

For the busty schoolgirl look, this is just the right costume to display your cleavage.

The black and white spandex low cut top with velcro closure can be adjusted to display your cleavage to the world.

Panty Babe School Girl Costume
Panty Babe School Girl Costume

Everyone will know that the world is truly round, when you show them your curves.

The pleated poly/cotton plaid mini skirt is the schoolgirls favorite.

Rounding out this hot schoolgirl costume are the Brazilian cut Ruffle panty and the stay-up stretch stockings.


Did the guys catch a glimpse of your very sexy ruffle panty?


Well, not to worry.

With this unique panty babe schoolgirl outfit, your pantries are visible to all the guys.

And, you know you will really be eye balled in this hot outfit.

This panty babe schoolgirl outfit comes with clip back mini dress and ruffle panty in cotton and stretch spandex.

Punk School Girl Costume
Punk School Girl Costume

Just add a pair on knee high white stockings and black shinny pattern leather shoes - reflective of course - to complete this very daring, sexy schoolgirl look.

This punk schoolgirl outfit really comes with an attitude.

The plaid lace bra top and plain micro mini skirt comes with numerous mini belts and buckles, which captures the punk look.

Just the right costume to capture and hold guys attention.

In this punk schoolgirl outfit - you can really teach the guys a thing or two.

Indeed, a very sexy and hot outfit.

Sorority Cindy School Girl Costume
Sorority Cindy School Girl Costume

If you are the shy, flirty type who uses their eyes to attract the guys, then this Sorority Cindy schoolgirl outfit is just right for you.

This one-piece micro mini dress comes with collar and skirt in plaid in pink or red.

The schoolgirl costume is stretchy for a very form fitting fit - it really shows off your figure.

So if you are in tiptop shape, this is definitely the schoolgirl outfit for you.

Just add a pair of knee high black stocks and a pair of shinny pattern leather shoes to complete this very seductive schoolgirl look.

You are sure to have all the guys pledging to you.

This is an ultra cool but oh so hot schoolgirl look.

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