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Katy Perry – I Kissed A Smurf in a Sexy Skirt

Katy Perry kissing Smurfette in a very sexy mini corset dress
Katy Perry kissing Smurfette in a very sexy mini corset dress.

Katy Perry new theme song should be I Kissed a Smurfette, which would be quite appropriate considering she made her acting debut or rather voice debut in the 3D animation movie The Smurfts which opened on Friday, July 29 in the states.

The paparazzi caught a sexy picture or two of Perry kissing her on screen character Smurfette on the blue carpet.

Perry looked radiant as she appeared on the blue carpet in a very sexy white strapless pushup corset mini dress with flared skirt with a sparkly sequin image of her character Smurfette decorating the front of her white mini dress.

Katy Perry poses with the Smurfs in her sexy Smurfette mini dress Credit: Fame Pictures
Katy Perry poses with the Smurfs in her sexy Smurfette mini dress.

Her very sexy Smurfette outfit was created by Blonds, those sexy costume designers who have created sexy outfits for Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Katy Perry even changed her hair color to a radiant blond to match the golden blond locks of her film character Smurfette.

Of course, her dazzling eyes were lined with a powdery blue glow, the color of Smurfs, you know.

Katy Perry even wore sexy holographic images of the Smurfs on her fingernails. Then she mounted her totally Smurf look on top of a pair of ultra sexy, high heel blue Christian Louboutin shoes.

The Smurfs movie combine CGI animation with live action, and uses New York City as a backdrop, a la Enchanted, the New York City based romantic fairytale.

The premises of the movie being, The Smurfs are being chased by the evil wizard Gargamel and they magically tumble out of their world straight into New York City's Central Park where their adventure begins.

In honor of The Smurfs movie on Friday, July 29, the Empire State Building was illuminated in blue lighting while New York City's Columbus Circle, you recall – the home to Mr. Stay Puff in the original Ghostbusters movie, was turned into Smurfs Village, complete with mushroom shaped homes and 40 foot tall fuzzy friends.

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